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Modern tiny house is incredibly spacious and functional that 9 people can sleep in it

When you become a parent, most of your time and energy will be devoted to your kids. Your number one goal is to make them feel safe, happy, and comfortable. Liza’s life as a single parent is no exception.

She wants to have a home where she and her kids can make amazing memories. Lo and behold, Liz’s foresight and determination gave birth to Magnolia — the modern tiny house of her dreams named after her mom’s favorite tree.

“Being a single mom, an issue was always the affordability,” Liz said. “This was a way for myself and my girls to be able to have our little cottage in the woods near a lake and still have it be affordable.”

One of the main reasons why Liz wanted a modern tiny house is for her retirement. Now, no matter what happens, she and her girls have a home that can follow them wherever they go.

The first thing you’ll notice in Liz’s modern tiny house is the living area’s enormous couch. She and her kids often use the couch to snuggle. Underneath, you’ll find three deep drawers for added storage space. The couch also doubles as a bed for guests.

Just past the living space are the dining bar and kitchen area. The glass windows fully open, allowing Liz to feel the breeze of fresh air while she cooks. Liz plans to construct a covered deck, connecting the dining bar to the outdoor dining space. 

Liz also wanted to have a big sink in her home, which comes in really handy since she doesn’t have a dishwasher. Still, the tradeoff between the space and budget she’s saved proves to be a wise investment.

Most importantly, the big sink looks gorgeous against the marble countertop and the wooden floors. Liz’s kitchen is also fully furnished with a propane stove, a big refrigerator, and lots of counter space perfect for meal preps and small feasts.

Past the kitchen, you’ll see Liz’s kids’ bunk bedroom. Should the girls want to have sleepovers with their friends, the bunk beds will let them have ample space for their buddies.

At first glance, the room might seem small. However, Liz made sure to have lots of storage space underneath the bed. 

You’ll also notice how the girls don’t have many toys in their room. Liz wanted the girls to take advantage of their location–they have the entire outdoors as their playground.

Like most areas in Magnolia, the girls’ bedroom has big glass windows, making the room look more spacious and vibrant.

You can reach Liz’s sleeping loft through the stairs, which are built to have hollow spaces for storage baskets. The loft boasts a king-sized bed and an awesome view, thanks to a pair of glass windows on either side.

On the opposite side of the cottage lies the guest loft, which has been turned into a play loft temporarily. Liz’s girls love spending time in the loft, especially on rainy days.

If there are more guests in the Magnolia residence, the guest loft’s couch turns into a spacious queen-sized bed.

The cottage’s bathroom is one of the most captivating areas in Liz’s home. It has a full-sized vanity, a flushing toilet, and a spacious shower area separated with transparent glass.

Oliver and Cera from Summit Tiny Homes helped bring Liz’s dream house into reality. Oliver and his crew built the cottage while Cera focused on the design elements.

Despite outsourcing most of the work from the couple, Liz still felt included throughout the construction process. Every part of Magnolia reflects Liz’s personality from the color schemes to furnishings and decorations.

This modern tiny house isn’t just a dwelling for a single mom and her kids. The construction of Magnolia signifies the fulfillment of Liz’s dreams.

Now, she can rest easy and until she decides to retire. No matter where her heart tells her to go, her girls and the modern tiny house will be there to follow. There’s even enough space for 6 more people to hitch along for the ride!

Give yourself a private tour of Liz’s modern tiny house by watching the video below:

To see more amazing tiny home videos and off the grid living please visit Exploring Alternatives. To see updates on the Magnolia home go to Instagram.

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Wednesday 25th of January 2023

<3 Love it!

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