Two men build cozy snowmobile camper from scratch, take a look inside

A father and son embarked on a project of building a snowmobile camper from scratch, and the completed project will surely inspire you to make your own!

The YouTube video maker known as The Outsider is all about wilderness living. He creates content involving “log cabins, wild food foraging, tractor logging, portable sawmill, survival shelters, etc.” on his channel.

snowmobile camper
The Outsider

Recently, he’s been uploading multiple episodes about his new passion project – a snowmobile camper – that he is building with his dad. In the videos, the pair showed viewers the step-by-step procedures on how to build the camper plus the additional materials that were used to complete it.

father and son building snowmobile camper
The Outsider

On the first episode, the duo started building the camper from a winter sled that they previously made. It was built so that he could stay longer on land and take shelter from the harsh winter while he observes the depths of the surrounding forest.

The Outsider

Using the logs from the forest, they built the foundation of the camper on the sled. The Outsider used white cedar wood for this project, saying that it is the perfect material because of its lightweight yet resilient properties. The camper needs to be lightweight so it could be pulled by the mobile, yet sturdy enough to handle the terrain.

Using their sawmill to cut up lumber, they started to install the walls of the camper. In addition to being lightweight and strong, the camper also needs to be warm, so he lined its interior with a one-inch foam board insulation. This will seal his body heat in while keeping the cold winter draft out. They also installed insulation on the ceiling before putting cedar wood over it.

The Outsider

With most of the sled put together – except for the door and some finishing touches – he decided to give it a test run. He tried to pull it by hand to see if the snowmobile will be able to haul it, and he was able to move it fairly easy! And when he towed the camper to another area, the snowmobile was able to handle it well through the trail.

In the following episode, the father and son returned to their efforts to the sled camper. They began installing a door that swings upwards and equipped it with the foam insulator.

He installed a vent hole in one of the gable ends.

“Ventilation is important in this case because it will keep moisture from collecting and condensing on the inside,” he said.

The Outsider

Since it was hard to get in and out of the camper because of the swing-up door, they decided to put in a pair of lift supports to in solution to this dilemma. And it worked really well!

The light inside the camper is provided by the LED light strips that he installed on the inside walls, which when turned on reflects beautifully on the surface of the insulators.

The Outsider

The finished product is a cozy snowmobile camper that is perfect for overnight stays in the snowy forest!


And what’s amazing? You can take the camper anywhere with you!

Man dragging along his snowmobile camper
The Outsider

Watch the video below to see the father and son working on their snowmobile camper project. And be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel to see more of their projects!

They make it look so easy, don’t they?