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Man returns to adopt puppy he rescued and the dog couldn’t be any happier

While some have the heart to abandon their pets, there are more people willing to save the lives of animals and even adopt them.

One of these is Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scatia, who is also an animal lover. He didn’t just rescue a helpless puppy but also gave him a new home.

In 2012, Wagner came across Mojo, a Pitbull puppy that was at the brink of his death. He was suffering from extreme demodectic mange, a parasitic skin disease that caused him to lose a lot of hair.

Man cuddling a dog


Seeing the dog’s condition, Wagner felt an immediate calling to save his life; thus he took him to the veterinarian straight away.

The veterinarians couldn’t give Wagner a definite answer if the sick puppy could survive.

Wagner’s heart broke, even more, when he learned that the poor dog has been used as bait in dogfighting circles, which led him to such a pitiful condition. Luckily, the dog fought hard for his life and survived his greatest battle.

Mojo couldn’t be adopted immediately because his mange was too extreme and he needed more time to heal. With his perseverance and determination to get better, his health slowly improved until he recovered completely.

The pup being cleaned up by veterinarian


The shelter workers grew very fond of Mojo that when he was finally up for adoption, they didn’t want him to go to just anyone.

They had this one special person in mind that would be a perfect match for their dear Mojo. Hence, they reached out to Wagner who was Mojo’s lifesaver and he wholeheartedly agreed to the adoption.

Wagner eagerly went to the animal shelter for the adoption process and meet Mojo again. Once their eyes met, Mojo instantly recognized his hero and lifesaver. The best thing is he was not only there for a quick reunion but to take him and spend their lives together.

Their heartfelt reunion was captured in a video and was viewed 1.3 million times on YouTube. In the video, their longing for each other was apparent. Mojo was happily licking Wagner’s face and trying to play with his new Dad.

Man reunited with pup he rescued


It seems that a lot of people who saw the video were touched by their inspiring story. One of the viewers, Havasumom, wrote, “What a beautiful, heartwarming story. This puppy had the will to survive for his new daddy and for his awesome future ahead. I’m crying but very happy tears of joy.”

Another viewer noticed how Mojo easily remembered his hero: “This is so beautiful, to see such a magnificent pup remember and be so happy to see his Daddy again.

It just goes to show the emotions animals have and how they remember things and people. Stay strong little man as this guy is a keeper who’ll give you a brilliant, loving life.”

Two happy dogs in their forever home


At present, Mojo is three years old and is living the best life with his Dad. He even made new friends like Stevie, who is equally adorable as Mojo.

His fur may not fully grow because of his previous injuries but what matters is that Mojo has found a loving family and his health has improved a lot.

HopeforMojo | Facebook

Undoubtedly, humans can be lifesavers for animals, too. Most pets will do a lot for their human buddies so we should also do the same for them. Animal lover or not, we should treat all animals with a kind heart and if we can, give them the kind of life they deserve.

Watch this video and witness Mojo and Wagner’s heartwarming reunion:

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