Man makes one last request, his nurse ignores hospital rules to grant patient’s final wish

If the world would grant your last wish, what would you ask for? Would you ask for a material thing that you have always wanted to have? Would you want to meet a celebrity? Or would you ask for a million dollars?

For a 75-year-old dying man, all Carsten Hansen wished for is to have a taste of a glass of cold white wine, to smoke a cigarette like he used to do, and to watch the scenic sun set.

Carsten, who is suffering from a ruptured aortic aneurysm, was admitted to a hospital in Denmark last April. The only cure to repair a ruptured aortic aneurysm is through surgery. However, the surgery entails a long and complicated process.

For Carsten, who is already a 75-year-old, a surgery is not an option for his ill and frail body. Unfortunately, without the immediate surgery, this means that he would not survive the internal bleeding caused by his ruptured aorta.

With less than hours to live, Carsten shared his dying wish to the nurses looking after him. For his final hours, the dying man wanted to enjoy a glass of cold white wine, a cigarette, and a view of the setting sun.

Fortunately for Carsten, the nurses gave their best in trying to grant his dying wishes. They were able to find a white wine and the balcony is accessible to his hospital room. However, allowing the old man to smoke cigarette proved to be a problem.

Just like any hospitals and medical facilities, the hospital where Carter was had a strictly no-smoking policy. However, for the final hours of the dying man, the strict rule was broken by nurse Rikki Kvist.

And so, they wheeled Carsten out to the balcony with his cold glass of white wine, a lit cigarette, and gave him the opportunity to immerse himself to the beauty of the scenic sunset together with his family.

“It was a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere,” one of the nurses recounted with The Telegraph. “Of course they were relatives also affected by the fact that he was going to die, and they were sad. But it was cozy and there was humor.”

The last wishes of Carsten touched the hearts of the nurses, and so they shared what transpired in their personal Facebook account. The compassion, kindness, and understanding expressed by the nurses towards the dying man received a number of positive reactions from people all over the world.

“Exactly as it should be, wish I could have done this for my dad, good on his family and respect to the hospital staff for showing humanity,” one Facebook user applauded the nurses on duty for granting Carsten’s last wish.

“In these times where sometimes humanity seems to fade away, posts like these keep the fire burning. I wish the family of Mr. Hansen all the best in these difficult times,” on the other hand, one Facebook user shared how Carsten’s story uplifted his spirits.

With his dying wish granted, Carsten was able to have a peaceful demise last April 28.

Carsten’s story is a sad yet fulfilling tale. Sad because there was nothing that science can do to extend his dying life, yet fulfilling for he was able to do the things he wanted to do hours before facing his death. At the same time, inspiring because at the hours of his death, compassion, kindness, and understanding poured in.

Photo via Aarhus University Hospital | Video via Fox 29

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