Man Dances to “Uptown Funk” Like Nobody is Watching!

This always makes us smile! We’ve watched it several times already. Remember, always be yourself even if you are living in a crowded world.

We are always a huge fan of individuals who stand out among the crowd. Meet Fred Rawicz, he is in this world to live his life according to his own rules or music for that matter. Without a care in the world when the song started playing he began to show off his delightful dancing skills and the crowd roared in approval. Here is another reminder that the simple joys in life are always FREE.

So let’s groove along with Fred and appreciate life to the fullest. Enjoy watching the video and remember always be yourself even if you are living in a crowded world! Just dance!

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

“Always good to see someone who can have a blast without worrying what others will think.”

“I love how he doesn’t look super fit and muscular, but clearly knows some serious moves and has loads of energy. When he stopped it caught people out, and his final move was just perfect.”

“Nothing daft about this guy. He paid his money to attend, and looks like he intended to enjoy the experience. Good for him.”

“Even though I have watched many times . This video makes me happy!!!!”

“Man I love that he’s having so much fun and just doing HIMSELF and yeah, more people should be like him.”

Video Source: Daft Dancer TITP

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