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Dying teen donates his Make-A-Wish gifts to benefit other kids

The Make-A-Wish foundation is a well-known non-profit organization which makes the ‘wishes’ of a child with a life-threatening medical condition come true.

Since its establishment in 1980, the Make-A-Wish foundation has granted countless life-changing wishes in order to make eligible children happy.  In its 38-years of service, the non-profit organization has received millions of requests, but a wish made by a teenager from Northern Virginia  is probably the most remarkable of all.

Timothy Bourbeau, a teenager suffering from a rare form of bone cancer. Unfortunately, according to his doctors, his cancer is already terminal. When the Make-A-Wish foundation, Atlantic chapter, received Timothy’s file to qualify as a beneficiary of the non-profit organization, they reached out to the dying teenager to grant his last wishes.

Most children who are qualified to receive a Make-A-Wish wanted to go to Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth; some spent their wish in order to meet the celebrity and notable figures who are inspiring them to keep on going; while others used their wish to visit the places included in their bucket list.

In the case of Timothy, he used his Make-A-Wish, not for himself, but for the benefit of other people. In order to lighten the burden and make the life of other young patients with cancer a little more comfortable, Timothy wished for more than 20 Playstation units to be donated to the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology unit of the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church.

“We are all astonished and so inspired by the fact that you could have wished to go somewhere, meet someone, have something, you could have wished to be something, but instead you chose a very unique thing which is to give your wish away and I think it’s profoundly kind,” Tara Wilson-Jones, a staff of Make-A-Wish foundation, Atlantic chapter said, touched by the selflessness of the dying teenager.

When Timothy’s wish was finally granted, thanks to the outpouring donations of people all over the world, the hospital staff invited Timothy and his family to set-up the first game station of the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology unit. In the same room where he had spent countless days and nights battling bone cancer, Timothy also used the newly installed PS4s and played his heart out.

Timothy quickly challenged his younger brother Josh to a game of NBA2K18, while his ever supportive and dedicated father, mother, and other siblings watched them grace the gaming console.

Timothy was quick to challenge his younger brother Josh to a game of basketball on the newly installed gaming systems. Timothy’s mother, father and other siblings were at the hospital for the touching occasion.

“It’s definitely a blessing to be able to give something back for all the things I’ve been given in my life. So I thank you all,” the selfless 18-year-old shared. “It helps you take your mind off of what’s going on. Helps you to calm down a little bit and find a new perspective of life.”

“Amazing, selfless, giving, strong, courageous, tenacious and so much more,” Tammy Bourbeau, Timothy’s mom said, describing her precious son as she tried to hold back the tears from falling.

“You know my faith is strong and I believe we’re all put on this earth to do something great,” Timothy added, more than happy that he was able to make other people happy, and that his wish will be able to transcend generations.

“I’m fulfilling that dream because I want this to not just be a part of Inova but I want this to be part of every oncology floor all across the U.S. and that’s my dream and I want to make that happen.”

Watch the tear-jerking video below and learn more about Timothy Bourbeau, the dying teenager who donated his last wish in order to make other people happy! Truly, Timothy’s life may have been short, but it sure is full of meaning and purpose.

His selflessness and compassion will forever be remembered, most-especially by the other young cancer patients whose lives he had touched.

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(In memory of Timothy whose short but powerful life has touched the hearts of others.)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.