‘Low-tech’ grandpa creates adorable memes of grandson for vacationing parents

Most of the time, our grandparents and technology don’t go well together. They would rather do things the old fashioned way and they find all this high-tech stuff confusing.

Besides, they didn’t have it when they were growing up, so it’s no wonder why they don’t feel the need to immerse themselves in technology as much as we do.

Courtesy of Stephanie Waterhouse

This grandpa from Dallas is one example of the “low-tech” old folks who have little idea about how certain things work now because of technology.

But, even if he is not well-versed with tech, this granddad has his own ways keeping up with the latest just by using his flip phone and some print outs – even though he is unaware.


David, or “PawPaw”, as he is called, flew from Dallas to Fort Knox, Kentucky to look after his 8-month old grandson Ty while his parents take their first vacation without the baby.

And based on the pictures of Ty that he has been sending to his parents, it seems that PawPaw is having so much fun babysitting that he even creates “memes” of Ty!


PawPaw’s daughter and Ty’s mom, Stephanie Waterhouse, calls the photos his dad sends to them as “Memes by PawPaw.” As it turns out, the babysitting went the extra mile just to pull off these hilarious series of pictures.

“Memes by Pawpaw surprised us in that my dad had thought this out before he even flew up to Kentucky. He printed the notes at home because he knew he wouldn’t be able to figure out how to print them at our house.

But once he started sending them, it doesn’t surprise us because he’s very funny like that.”, says Stephanie.


The funniest part? The babysitting PawPaw has no idea what “memes” are, and he does not even have a Facebook!

“My dad is low tech,” Stephanie told GMA. “He refuses to get a smartphone and is very proud of his flip phone without internet. I once emailed him and asked for a shrimp scampi recipe.

He couldn’t find it so he printed out similar recipes, scanned them in, and then emailed me the scanned recipe. He had no idea he could just copy the URL.”

Courtesy of Stephanie Waterhouse

Technology and social media might not be David’s “friends”, but it wasn’t always the case. In fact, he was able to create an important innovation using technology back in the day.

“My dad is a recently retired Dallas Police Officer. He was actually the person who created the database that tracked homicide information for the Dallas Police Department. The FBI took his idea and modeled one of their national databases after the one he created,” Stephanie said.

“He absolutely loves being a grandfather and loves spending time with Ty,” Stephanie shares. “I love that I’m able to just relax and know that my son is having the time of his life with his amazing Pawpaw.”

Kudos to David for being an amazing and cool grandfather to Ty. Don’t you wish you all had a PawPaw like him?

Watch the video below from Good Morning America to see more “Memes by PawPaw”!

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