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Believe It or Not: The world’s biggest and most beautiful flower garden thrives in a seemingly unlikely place

Nature is therapy, making gardens particularly valuable in areas where there is little nature to be found. 

It is no wonder then that world’s largest environmentally friendly flower garden can be found in the most inhospitable location – a stretch of desert in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates!

Dubai Miracle Garden


The Dubai Miracle Garden is just that – a breathtaking burst of colorful blooms in the most unexpected location.  Found in Al Barsha South, the garden in an amazing sight to behold. 

It spans 72,000 square kilometers and contains more than 50 million flowers, showcased in giant floral sculptures and designs.

New creations, all charming and awe-inspiring, and sometimes quirky, punctuate every season.  The changes keep the garden exciting, with always something new to offer.

Dubai Miracle Garden


Visitors will surely be entranced by the towering structures. Located in Dubailand near the Arabian Ranches and launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013, Dubai Miracle Garden is open every year from mid-November to mid-May.

The garden includes flower-encrusted villages, heart-shaped pathways, pyramids, blooming walkways and bridges, and the most colorful rainbow canopies. 

Giant replicas of Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, and other Disney characters delight children and adults alike. 

The garden even has a full-size replica of an Emirates Airbus A380, covered in 50,000 flowers!

Dubai Miracle Garden


Aside from the wonderfully built flower structures, visitors will also enjoy the Dubai Butterfly Garden, billed as the world’s largest indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary.  The butterfly garden houses 15,000 butterflies from 26 species in nine customized domes.

Gardens in areas with rich soil and compatible climates are easy enough to maintain, and undoubtedly, sustaining such a huge flower garden in Dubai must require a remarkable feat of engineering.

Around 400 people build the attractions over two months.  Thirty varieties of flowers are used, including petunias, geraniums, and marigolds.

An expert team of greenskeepers and horticulturists ensure that the exhibits look immaculate and the flowers are at their absolute best.


Obviously, water is precious in the country, and the Dubai Miracle Garden uses environmentally friendly irrigation systems to maximize water use. 

Flowers are preserved by reusing waste water through drip irrigation.  The garden is closed each year during Dubai’s notoriously hot summer months from June to September.

This gives ample time for management and staff to conceptualize the next season’s designs.  The Dubai Butterfly Garden, on the other hand, is open all year round.

Dubai Miracle Garden


The designers’ hard work has certainly paid off as the Dubai Miracle Garden has gained recognition worldwide, including two Guinness World Records for the largest vertical garden in 2013, the world’s largest floral sculpture for the Airbus A380 in 2016, and Tallest Topiary Sculpture in 2018. 

Now a major tourist destination, more than 1.5 million people enjoy the vibrant displays each year.


Abdel Nasser Y. Rahhal, general manager of Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture, which manages the attractions of the Dubai Miracle Garden, hopes that it breaks preconceived notions of Dubai as a city of skyscrapers.

I hope people will understand that this country is not only for extremes in concrete and steel.  This country is given beautiful weather for seven months …with a little care, you can get a really beautiful production.”

To learn more about Dubai Miracle Garden, watch the video below and visit their Facebook page.

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