This gorgeous lamp can be easily converted into a cooler, a speaker and a planter

If you’re in search for a cool summer gadget, then this product created by Dutch company Kooduu might just be what you’re looking for.

four-in-one lamp

A summer party isn’t complete without chilled beverages, an awesome music playlist, and of course, great company. Sometimes, however, throwing a celebration could feel like you have to put in a lot of effort, but thanks to this gadget, that get-together that you’re planning can go smoothly all night long minus the stress.

In a world where people prefer buying items that serve multiple purposes, the Kooduu Synergy Pro surely won’t be overlooked. The designer lamp appears just like what it’s supposed to be – sleek and sophisticated – but a closer look reveals that it is more than what it looks like.


Aside from providing warm lighting, the four-in-one device is also a cooler, a Bluetooth speaker, and a planter!

Without needing to be plugged into an outlet, the Synergy Pro can glow for nine straight hours on a full charge. And if you want your favorite beverage within reach, simply place ice inside the lamp and you already have a wine and beer cooler! How cool is that?


With the help of your preferred music app – whether on your phone, tablet, or computer – you may stream your favorite music via Bluetooth to the Synergy Pro. You can even connect to surround sound systems for the best experience. When your party has wrapped up, recharging the device is easy with a wire that connects to the base.


And last but not least, you can fill this gorgeous lamp with water and use it as a planter! The Synergy Pro is made of polypropylene, making it completely waterproof and suitable for potting plants.


The Synergy Pro features a leather handle and a beautiful aluminum finish. It comes in three sizes and depending on what you get, it can weigh from 3 to 11 pounds. One happy customer wrote:

“This product is fabulous. I bought it for my wife and I to have on our front porch. We sat outside in the Texas heat with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on ice for later. After two hours the bottle was still perfect drinking temperature. The sound quality is terrific and louder than we would ever need.”

The Synergy Pro lamp is the perfect gadget for your home, garden, and balcony. It would also make a great house-warming gift for your close friends and family!