Kristen Bell is using her Instagram influence to help send school supplies to teachers in need

What’s the most recent activity you did in your social media account that you can be proud of? Did you post a meme or vine for your followers to get a good laugh? Or did you create a fundraising page for timely environmental issues to raise awareness?

As for Kristen Bell, she did a noble act for the people of the noble profession—our dear teachers.


Beyond Bell’s radiant personality, award-winning acting, and angelic voice, the woman who voiced Anna in Frozen is also a role model. She uses her sphere of influence to help our country’s deserving teachers. Just as we thought we couldn’t love her more, Bell continues to surprise us.

Bell posts a photo of a teacher in need of school supplies every Friday, featuring them in her #FeaturedTeacherFriday campaign. Her bio contains the Amazon wish list, ranging from instructional materials, crayons, book displays, toys, and other kinds of school supplies.

Her Instagram account currently has 12.3 million followers, with post garnering thousands of likess. Ever since the talented actress started the initiative, people have been eager to follow the actress’s call to action.

“Thank you for doing this. I wish I could buy more!” A follower of Kristin Bell commented on her post.

Woodland Park Academy

Ever since Bell started her campaign, she received generous support from her followers. An elementary school teacher from Belmont, North Carolina, received packages and school supplies from Bell’s wish list when the teacher was featured back in May.

“I’ve received over a couple hundred items so far, and they are still trickling in every day,” Kristin Riggs, a teacher in Kindergarten at Page Primary Elementary School. “I even got a gift from the UK and Zimbabwe!”

Teacher receives school supplies from generous samaritans.
Woodland Park Academy

On the other hand, Emily Mayberry is one of the latest recipients of the #FeaturedTeacherFriday campaign. Mayberry is a first-year kindergarten teacher at the Woodland Park Academy in Flint, Michigan. Her school is mostly comprised of students living below the poverty line.

“Some of our families struggle to have their basic needs met,” Emily wrote in one of Bell’s post. “Our school is small, and our teachers have some of the lowest-paid salaries in our area.”

Woodland Park Academy

Before she received school supplies from Bell’s wish list, Emily had to set up her classroom with nothing but tables and chairs. She used money from her own pockets to buy school essentials for herself and her students. Emily had to step up to make her students feel at home since they all come from afar.

“Our mission at Woodland Park Academy is to ‘create relationships to change the world.’” She added. Emily abides the school’s mission every day at work. She gives 100 hugs a day and checks on older students during lunch. For the kindergarten teacher, the smallest act of kindness or understanding may change someone’s life.

School supplies sent to teachers in need.
Woodland Park Academy

Soon after Bell encouraged her followers, Emily received packages containing school supplies. Items from Bell’s amazon wish list came pouring so fast, overwhelming the postal service. In just about a week, the principal’s office became crowded with boxes.

“I can’t even fathom how generous people have been to somebody that they don’t even know,” Emily said in an interview with ABC 12 News.

Plenty of celebrities with a huge following can take a few notes from Bell on how to wield fame for the greater good.

Witness how Emily received a roomful of packages and school supplies by watching the video below: