Videos show Italians singing their hearts out in beautiful show of solidarity amid global crisis

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people across Italy have been put under a mandatory lockdown, which is expected to last until at least next month. While there are 60 million Italians currently stuck in their homes, some citizens are making the most out of it.

In Siena, a city in central Italy’s Tuscany region, several quarantined neighbors joined in singing a beautifully haunting song, filling the dark vacant streets with the sound of a beautiful melody.

On Thursday night, journalist David Allegranti posted the now-viral video on Twitter. In the clip, a lone man is heard commencing the song on a powerful note. Then, from their windows, the entire street of people joined in, filling the quiet night with their lovely voices.

“In Siena, the city to which I am very attached, you stay at home but you sing together as if you were on the street. I was moved,” he captioned the tweet in Italian. Siena was special to him because he wrote a book about the city, which he titled “Siena Brucia.”

According to HuffPost, the song was a “rendition of a local folk song.” David, a writer for Il Foglio newspaper, said that a friend sent him the footage. It’s unclear who actually took the now-viral video spreading across the internet.

Since the viral video emerged, footage of similar scenes have been circulating online. Oxford University student Leonardo Carella even compiled videos of Italians from different cities making the most of their time at home.

“Italians in lockdown all over Italy are keeping each other company by singing, dancing and playing music from the balconies. A thread to celebrate the resilience of ordinary people. This is Salerno:” he captioned the thread.

Leonardo shared clips from the cities of Salerno, Naples, Turin, Benevento, Florence, Nuoro, and Agrigento. Other people have also taken a similar step, taking to Twitter to shared videos of quarantined Italians celebrating amidst this global crisis.

Italy ranks second to China in the total number of COVID-19 cases. More than 15,000 people in the European country have already been affected by the virus, while over 1,000 have perished since it hit them last month.

As prone as we are to panicking amid these difficult times, the better approach is to be extra mindful. Avoid hoarding necessities; only buy what you think is enough for your family. We have to remember that there are other people, specifically the elderly and the poor, who are more vulnerable to the virus, and they also need supplies as much as you do.

Let us also be mindful of our activities on social media and avoid spreading unverified information about the virus. The government, health workers, and scientists are doing everything they can to prevent this pandemic from affecting more citizens. Our duty, then, is to cooperate with their measures and comply with their recommended guidelines.

Stay safe, everyone!