How a carpet cleaner becomes Instagram sensation now earns six figures traveling the world

It is safe to say that we all felt an overwhelming fatigue in work at least once. This is referred to as “burn out”. It usually happens when a person lacks motivation and inspiration in his work. It is a dream job to be able to travel and see the world 365 days a year and be able to earn a six-figure salary while doing so. This man made it possible.

Jack Morris took a leap of faith in 2011 when he decided to quit his job and embark on an adventure. Morris bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand and never looked back since.

Jack suddenly felt tired with his monotonous job as a carpet cleaner in Manchester, UK and he decided to quit his 9 to 5 job. He gathered his small savings and bought a plane ticket with no plans. “It was literally waking up one morning and I wanted to try something different. I flew out on my own with no plan and just wanted to see what came at me,” Jack said.

After two years of traveling, he struggled with money. He bought a camera and put his photography skills to good use. He then created his blog Doyoutravel.

Don’t get it wrong, Jack did not create the blog for money, he wants to share his travel experiences and the views he got to see with his own eyes. However, it seems that the universe conspired to make it happen. His blog is one of the top-ranked travel blogs and he became a star on Instagram because of his photos. It created a new career for him.

Four years into traveling, he met his girlfriend and fellow blogger Lauren Bullen. The two met on a beach in Fiji and hit it off right away.

Lauren is the blogger behind the travel blog Gypsea Lust. Sharing the same interest and passion for travel, the two came together and traveled the world. They have been together ever since.

As both blogs of the couple blogs gained popularity among internet users, partnerships and sponsors started to pour in. Working as a blogger is one of the popular professions in the digital era. Brands such as Disney, AirBnb and Air NZ are all keen to work with them and offer them freebies and cash in exchange for promotion.

They are also taking social media by storm. At the time of this writing, their combined followers on Instagram are 4.8 million. The two are elite social media influencers and earned a six-figure salary from documenting their travels through partnerships with brands. Jack and Lauren are currently based in Bali, Indonesia and are living their lives to the fullest.

If you were inspired by Jack’s story and wanted to hand in your resignation to your boss right away, Jack said that it was not easy when he started his new career. However, he admitted that he would rather be poor on a beach somewhere than in the UK. It is safe to assume that Jack has no plans to go back to any 9 to 5 job.

Photos by Instagram | @doyoutravel

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