Homecoming queen shares title and crown with friend who has Down syndrome

Trinity Arrington was recently named homecoming queen at S&S High School. But instead of taking all the credit, the teen decided to do what she thought was right – sharing the crown with her friend and fellow nominee, Emily Petty.

Trinity has adored Emily, a teen with Down syndrome, ever since their first meeting last year. Their friendship began when Trinity started spending her lunches at their high school’s special education classroom. There, she developed a close bond with Emily.’

High School friends

While the pair discovered they had a lot in common, they never thought that being nominated for homecoming queen this year would be one of them.

Trinity’s classmates asked her if she was hoping to win, however, she knew that it would mean a lot to Emily if she gets the crown, so she asked her friends to vote for Emily, instead.

High school homecoming queen shares title with friend.

However, Trinity still ended up winning before the homecoming game. But, in a sweet gesture after the announcement, Trinity walked towards Emily, took off her crown, and placed it onto her high school friend’s head. Trinity chose to share the spotlight with her dearest Emily.

“I decided to give my crown to my sweet friend Emily because she’s always wanted to be a princess,” she told KXII. “So I decided she deserved it.”

Recalling the moment, Trinity said: “When I decided to hand her my crown, I cried.”

In an interview, the pair said they had a wonderful time holding hands, waving to the crowd, and blowing kisses to their friends who were watching, which was Emily’s favorite part. As for Trinity, the most memorable part of it all was getting to share such a special moment with Emily.

High School friends.

“We got to be it together. I think that was the best part for me,” Trinity said. “She’s always been my queen, she deserved it. It made her happy.”

Emily only had a few words to say about everything that happened, but those few words held a lot of meaning. “I love her. Every day,” she said.

Meredith McCown, a KXII nightside reporter and weekend anchor in Sherman, Texas, shared a clip of her interview with Trinity and Emily on her Facebook. In the video, it was evident how much the two high school friends adored each other. From the way they held to hands to how they spoke of each other, it was clear that these two are bound to be friends for a lifetime.

high school friends

Trinity unselfishly shared what could have been just her own with someone who she knew also deserved a part of it. This lady had a big heart for people with special needs, and she is indeed a great example to her peers for being who she is – a loving individual who thinks of her friend’s happiness over her own.

Watch the video below: