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The cutest homecoming proposal between life-long best friends with Down syndrome goes viral

High school students at the Lake Brantley High School cheered as a teenage guy invited his life-long best friend to homecoming.

David Cowan has always adored Saris Garcia. They both have Down syndrome but this didn’t get in the way of their passion to live like other teenagers. They get to experience the things they want and have the kind of life they desire.

Last week, the two high school students went viral as Cowan’s homecoming proposal video surfaced on social media. The sweet and heart-fluttering video garnered millions of views, making their families overwhelmed and grateful that their kids’ special moment was appreciated by many.

“Their love is real, the connection is real. We want people to know that they are just like other couples and fall in love and wish to have a fulfilling life. Down syndrome does not limit them,” the families wrote in an email.

Since Cowan and Garcia are both attending their first high school homecoming dance, Cowan planned a sweet surprise for his long-time girlfriend. He thought it would be nice to surprise her at a football game where Garcia would be cheering.

“He was so excited and dancing in the bleachers, saying ‘Shhh, it’s a surprise! I am asking her to homecoming!” said Wanda Cruz, Garcia’s mother.

In the video captured last September 26, Cowan is seen approaching Garcia and her cheering squad. He was holding balloons, a bouquet of flowers, and a sign that says “Will you be my sunshine to homecoming?”

As Garcia saw him, she immediately dropped her pompoms. She was in shock but the love and happiness in her eyes were apparent.

“She was radiant! She said many times, ‘I can’t believe it!” Garcia’s mom recalled her daughter’s special moment. “Everyone was so touched by their reaction. They were both so happy.”

Cowan and Garcia as kids - high school students

Wanda Cruz

Cowan and Garcia have known each other since they were three years old. They met in a speech therapy class but Cowan had to move away with his family. However, they were reunited months later as they went to the same school.

“Without us knowing, the kids were in the same private school, Marian Center in Opa-locka, Florida. We realized it around October 2004,” Cruz said.

Their families said that the two high school students have a special connection. Their relationship grew as they got older but it was only when they were around 14 and 15 that they expressed their feelings for each other. They started dating and now, they remained in love with each other.

Cowan and Garcia in navy blue outfits - high school students

Wanda Cruz

On September 28, Cowan and Garcia attended the homecoming in Seminole High School. Both dressed in navy with white corsages, the couple enjoyed the dance and was recognized as a special couple of the night.

“Kids went crazy cheering for them,” Cruz said. “David is loved by everyone at Seminole High.” The couple’s parents are also thankful for all the love and support they have been receiving since the video went viral.

Though they never expected their kids to go viral, they hope people understand that Cowan and Garcia are like any other couple and what they have is real love and connection.

Watch this video and be swept away by Cowan’s sweet homecoming proposal:

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