Photographer captures her grandparents 60th wedding anniversary in stunning photos

This couple’s 60th wedding anniversary was commemorated through a special photo shoot courtesy of their very own granddaughter.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated in a variety of ways. Other couples host a party at home or plan a date night, while some book a vacation out of town. But no matter how it is remembered, one thing is for sure – that day will always be special.

wedding anniversary photography
Abigail Gingerale Photography

It was no different for Ginger and George Brown, a couple from South Carolina who were married on June 6, 1959. But their wedding anniversary was made extra special because their granddaughter, Abigail Lydick, planned something for them – a styled photo shoot.

Abigail is the owner of Abigail Gingerale Photography in Allentown, New Jersey. She captured the beautiful moments of the momentous occasion while her husband and business partner, Andy Lydick, took the behind-the-scenes video.

photography of wedding anniversary
Abigail Gingerale Photography

“I wanted to be able to spend the night with them, make them feel special and have family time. They just love to make their grandkids happy, so they’ll do anything. It was really sweet,” Abigail told Good Morning America.

Ginger, 78, and George 83, have four children, 18 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. They transferred to South Carolina 26 years ago, but returned to celebrate their wedding anniversary with family.

Abigail Gingerale Photography

The photo shoot was held near Abigail’s studio on June 24. The necessities were provided by her vendor friends: the gown from Bridal Suite Boutique, the flowers from Ivy On Main Florals, and hair and makeup by Christine Swope.

60 years of marriage is a very long time, and the couple had a few tips to share to young married couples. First, “don’t go to bed angry”. Second, “be prepared to forgive, always, because you just have to do it.” And lastly, “maintain a good sense of humor.”

Abigail Gingerale Photography

The husband and wife, according to Abigail, are their family’s go-to whenever they need words of wisdom.

“You can call and ask them anything and nothing is off limits. They are hilarious and joke all the time. My granddad is constantly singing and making my grandmom laugh. They’re always spending time together and it’s pretty adorable,” she said.

Check out the video below from Good Morning Americat to hear marriage advice from Ginger and George themselves.

It’s clear from these pictures alone that Ginger and George are still so in love with each other, even after all these years. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!