Marine goes viral for merman photoshoot to make deployed pals laugh

A Marine just did a merman photo shoot that we never knew we needed.

With his muscular body, tattoos, and sharp hair cut, you would think that Marine Beau Shepherd is one serious man. But he proved us all wrong with a recent photo shoot that he did.

Posing in a merman outfit to cheer up his troops, Beau looked rather fabulous donning only a blue and gold tail along with his camouflage hat.

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“Well my job in the Marines is amphibious, as in we move from sea to land, so I wanted to include that,’ he told WDRB. ‘I mainly wanted something as a joke to my Marine buddies that would make them laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.”

The Marine approached photographer Jacqueline Elliott, whose child goes to the same school as his daughter, to do the photo shoot. The two ended up with the idea of incorporating props in the shoot as inside jokes.

“The crayons are because other branches joke about us being crayon eaters, so I wanted to satirize that,” Beau revealed.

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Beau’s pictures didn’t only make his troops and other people giggle, but his family as well. His wife Alicia and their daughter found the whole thing hilarious.

“My daughter thought it was cool and funny so now she will always have a pic of me as a merman,” Beau shared.

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After seeing that the original post went viral, Jacqueline shared a link to the images hosted on her own website and wrote: “Who needs mermaids when you have mermen?!”

“I am so glad it made people laugh and smile! Life is so short… take time to laugh and enjoy humor! I love my job that I get to make magic and bring people together with photography!” she continued.

Magical Memories Photography

People who have seen the post shared how much they loved the images.

Reyna Puente posted: “I am a Marine and I absolutely loved the pics.”

“My husband is retired Navy. He thought it was a cool thing. Good fun guys are still around,” a Facebook user wrote.


Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response that the pictures received, Jacqueline might team up with Beau again – this time, for a charity calendar.

“I think it’s a great way to show our troops are amazing and have an amazing sense of humor,” she told WDRB. “Humor gets people through dark times, and if this doesn’t make someone laugh, I don’t know what will.”

If this cheered you up, pass it on and make others smile too!