This teen didn’t have a a date for high school prom so grandpa stepped in

The high school prom is one of the most memorable events in a teenage girl’s life. From picking the perfect outfit to getting all glammed up, and of course, to choosing the ideal date – everything must come down to a T.

However, for 17-year-old Kaylah Bell, everything was all set except for one thing – she didn’t have a prom date.

But before you feel bad for the Lancaster teen, wait until you see who took her to the prom instead. We bet all you could say is, “Wow!”

Kaylah Bell wearing her prom dress

Donning a strapless, watercolor gown with a custom-made pink and purple satin cape clipped together with a gem clasp – Kaylah looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous prom dress.

“The inspiration behind my dress was from the dresses Queen Mary of the Scots wore from the show ‘Reign,'” she said.

Although Kaylah was the only one in her friend group who hadn’t found a date in time for their high school prom, it wouldn’t stop her from going and enjoying the memorable night ahead.

But as it turns out, Kaylah didn’t have to fret so much because someone would actually take her to the prom – her granddad!

Alvin Hackett, Kaylah’s “Papa”, knew that his granddaughter didn’t have a date for prom, so he stepped in.

But he did more than that – granddad actually stepped up and even matched his outfit with Kaylah’s!

Kaylah with her granddad

Since it was customary for couples to wear coordinating or complementary outfits to prom, Kaylah’s grandpa wore a blue pinstripe suit and pink tie to match his date’s gown. But he had an extra surprise under his sleeve – a corsage for his date and a matching boutonniere for his lapel.

How sweet is that?

“I asked my papa to take pictures with me, however, the suit was a shock to me because I didn’t know he would match with me the way he did,” Kaylah told INSIDER.

You’re looking so dapper, grandpa!


Kaylah shared their photos on Twitter and it instantly went viral.

She wrote:

“My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my high school prom so he matched me!”

As of writing, her tweet has garnered 12,000 retweets and 107,000 likes!

Kaylah didn’t expect that her tweet would blow up the way it did.

“I was kinda confused because when I normally post on Twitter I get like seven favorites and one retweet so I thought that it was spam or something till I saw my friend Kiara’s text telling me I went viral,” she said.


Alvin is a pastor at a church in Antelope Valley, and Kaylah says that it’s not out of character for her granddad to dress the way that he did.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“My grandpa is very stylish. Every Sunday when we go to church, him and my grandma dress alike and dress together for church and banquets.”

Check out this photo that Kaylah shared in response to a tweet.


She was right! Grandpa is definitely one fashionable man.

Since the event had an age limit of 21, her granddad wasn’t able to attend the prom, but what his “Papa” did for her was already more than enough for the teen.

“I honestly feel blessed because of how loved he made me feel, and makes me feel everyday. My grandma put a lot into my Papa’s suit I’m sure, so I just felt blessed and loved,” Kaylah said.


Kaylah is one lucky girl to have such a beautiful relationship with her granddad! For sure, this year’s high school prom is one that she’ll always remember, for it is when she felt especially loved by the people who matter to her the most.

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