This grandma wears different fashion outfits to lift people’s spirits during quarantine

Wearing different fashion outfits: this is how 91-year-old Betty McDonalds keeps herself entertained while being quarantined at home.

It is tough for everyone to stay at home during this difficult time because of boredom. Some may think that there’s not a lot they can do at home apart from watching TV and doing household chores. However, there are actually many ways to fight boredom at home and this grandma proves that it is just a matter of creativity.

McDonald wearing different fashion outfits.

Since she can’t go out to socialize and wear nice clothes and jewelries, McDonald found a new and clever way to flaunt them. She is now hosting daily fashion shows in her yard with the help of her caretaker, Kim Taylor.

In each fashion show, McDonald shows off her unique look, featuring trinkets she has collected over the years. Her overall fashion outfits are all enhanced with outstanding color coordination. McDonald obviously likes flashy stuff; she has three closets full of clothes and owns an unimaginable number of jewelries.

To life people's spirits, grandma wears fashion outfits.

Taylor said that she wanted to help McDonald take her mind off the pandemic, especially when the old woman mentioned how much she missed dressing up. While McDonald showcases her beautiful dresses and stylish accessories, Taylor takes photos and shares them online.

Apparently, a lot of people fall in love with her fashion outfits every day. “She has lots of people telling her that it’s reminded them that there’s more to life than watching television, and hearing the latest on COVID-19,” Taylor said.

McDonald flaunting her stylish fashion outfits
Source: YouTube

Taylor uploaded some of the videos of their fashion show which received nearly 200 comments. She would sit down with McDonald and read her the responses. According to her, McDonald was like a kid on Christmas Day, thrilled to open up many gifts.

One of the commenters, Debbie Boussard wrote: “You have great style with your outfits! Truly an inspiration to watch you model and hear about your life and love of fashion. Looking forward to seeing more videos!” Others thanked McDonald for being a bright light in this time of darkness and being an inspiration, especially for senior citizens.

Grandma vogues with different fashion outfits.

This pandemic hasn’t been easy on McDonald, knowing that seniors are most vulnerable to the virus. She has also lost her husband and doesn’t have any kids to spend quality time with. What’s more, she loves socializing and traveling which she can’t do anymore. If not for the care and support of her caretaker Taylor, her quarantine days could have been very lonely.

The daily fashion show they hold in McDonald’s yard had a positive impact on the 91-year-old grandma. It didn’t only take her mind off the pandemic but it also helped her continue doing her passion while inspiring other people on quarantine.

McDonald in her beautiful fashion outfits

This beautiful story only shows that our lives shouldn’t end with this pandemic. There are lots of great things waiting for us in the coming years and while we are at home protecting ourselves and our families, let us all continue to do our passion, hobbies and everything else that gives us satisfaction and happiness. Also, let’s make good use of this time to reflect on ourselves and create more memories with our families.

Watch this video of McDonald’s fashion show and be amazed by this grandma fashionista: