89-year-old grandma sewing face masks while listening to the Beatles is just adorable

Ever since COVID-19 has shattered the world’s headlines and sauntered past countries from all the continents, the world has experienced changes that will forever be etched in our history. The pandemic has toppled economies and disrupted societies. With each passing day, more cases are reported. And a big chunk in the number of casualties is the elderly.

With the shortage of personal protective gear and the rising number of COVID-19 cases, everyone has become more exposed to the virus. But the most susceptible are people of old age—their immune system and their body’s physiological changes make them the most vulnerable.

Szabo family relatives | Courtesy of Amy Szabo

“Older people are at highest risk from COVID-19, but all must act to prevent community spread,” said Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe. “We know that over 95% of these deaths occurred in those older than 60 years. More than 50% of all deaths were people aged 80 years or older.”

Among them is the viral 89-year-old woman Teresa Provo from Chicago, Illinois. She is more commonly known as Grandma Terry and lives by herself during the pandemic, entertained by television, computer game, and her other hobbies.

During the lockdown, Provo’s sewing machine kept her company as she distanced herself from the outside. Now that she’s stuck inside her home with all the time in the world. Teresa devotes her spare time doing something noble—she sews personalized masks featuring sports teams with heartfelt notes of encouragement.

Nana listen to Beatles.

Grandma Terry thought of her family, loved ones, and other people in need of protective equipment such as masks. At first, the 89-year-old Illinoisan crafted 50 masks that she sent to her relatives and friends in Chicago, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota, and California.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached its peak, Provo rose to arms and went to her sewing machine. Almost all of America were frantic, fearing their family’s safety. Grandma Terry had a mission to complete—provide face masks to those who need it.

Just as you thought the viral grandma couldn’t be any cooler, she made all the masks while listening to Beatles! “She just likes the Beatles, cause who doesn’t!” Amy Szabo said in an interview with Good News Network.

Grandma listen to Beatles while sewing.

The best part of her endeavor is when she inspired more people to be part of the crusade. The news got around the community, and Grandma Terry’s “Red Hat Club”—a community-based group that participates in local events discovered what she was doing, more hands grabbed on deck.

Grandma Terry and her group already made 600 masks—and they’re making more until the world defeats the pandemic. It’s incredible how the most vulnerable like the 89-year-old Provo can make an impact on her community despite her age. Even the smallest acts can go a long way. Listening to your favorite artist, such as the Beatles, is a bonus!

Watch the adorable Grandma Terry making face masks while listening to Beatles’ Help!