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A French bulldog is wearing a different Halloween costume every day this month

As if dogs couldn’t get any cuter, this couple from Dallas thought of dressing up their pup in different Halloween costumes as the holiday approaches.

Toad—also known as @goodboy.toad on Instagram—is putting smiles on the faces of his 15.9K followers with his dazzling Halloween ensembles. By following the “#toads31daysofhalloween” hashtag on the platform, fans can see him sporting different outfits every day of October.

So far, the French bulldog’s owners have already dressed him as Elton John, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, and MC Hammer.

Toad’s owners, Amy and Clint Herrington, adopted the dog from a breeder in February, right before the coronavirus pandemic hit. The couple has since been cooped up in their Dallas home to avoid catching the virus.

Like many of us, the mandatory quarantine bored them out of their minds. So, to make their days a little more fun, they thought of dressing up Toad in different costumes and sharing the photos on Instagram.

“Making these silly videos of him gave us something to do while we were working from home,” Amy told CNN. “I started posting on my own account and then realized that my friends were getting sick of it.”

Not wanting to bore their friends with loads of dog pictures, Amy and Clint decided to create a separate Instagram for Toad. Initially, they made his costumes out of material scraps and cardboard they could find at home. But once stores reopened, they decided to take it up a notch source Toad’s outfits from the children’s section. He’s a size 14.

Toad’s fans couldn’t get enough of the pup’s cuteness, especially when he’s in costume. Amy and Clint posted his first photo in March, and in a matter of seven months, the dog’s Instagram following has grown to over 15.9K!

While they’re completely aware of Toad’s inherent charm, it still surprises Amy and Clint how much attention he’s gotten online. This unexpected fame inspired them to keep going; they might even continue producing content for his fans after Halloween.

“We definitely want to get back into making more videos,” Amy said. “But there’s nothing planned yet.”

Catch Toad wearing his latest costumes by following him on Instagram.

Another pooch taking over Instagram is this Cocker Spaniel from the United Kingdom named Winnie.

Like many dogs of her breed, you would always find Winnie in a cheerful disposition. She’s extremely loving and gentle, and she wants nothing more but to make her family happy.

Although she shares many similarities with other dogs, what sets her apart is her unique set of peepers. Winnie’s eyes are so lovely that they make her look like a real-life Disney character!

This dog has the most stunning pair of huge, hazel-colored eyes framed with fluttery eyelashes – she’s definitely the prettiest dog you’ll ever see.

Because of her looks, people couldn’t help but notice her uncanny resemblance to the popular Disney animated character “Lady,” from the film “Lady and the Tramp.”

Her owners, Ellée and Tom, have been documenting Winnie’s life on Instagram since she was born on October 28, 2019. But when they shared a clip of her on TikTok, that’s when she skyrocketed to fame.

That short video went massively viral, garnering millions of views and increasing her follower count to hundreds of thousands. Today, this gorgeous canine has a whopping 484K followers on Instagram!

At almost a year old, Winnie is undoubtedly one of the most popular dogs on the platform. And if you want an extra dose of Cocker Spaniel cuteness on your feed, you can also follow her equally adorable brother Presley on Instagram.

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