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Farmer’s tribute to late wife was hidden for years until someone flew over their property

Unbeknownst to everyone, a farmer’s touching and inspiring tribute to late wife remained concealed until a serendipitous flyover revealed his heartfelt devotion.

“There is no force in the world greater than love.”

This old adage is believed by many for a reason. It speaks a lot of truth in the cases of: Paris, who risked the welfare of Troy for his love for Helen; Romeo and Juliet who defied their family to be with each other’s embrace; and of course, our grandparents who withstood the challenges dealt by fate and stood by each other through the years.

Indeed, love is a force that can make anyone go above and beyond for the love of their life.

Winston Howes is a living proof of this old belief. Just like many others, he did things he thought he would never be able to do for the great love of his life.

Winston and his wife, Janet, fell in love at first sight. The loving couple got married in 1962 and were inseparable ever since.

Everything seemed magical, they moved in a scenic farmhouse in England, and started their own family. They have a son and a blooming business.

However, three decades after, Janet suffered from a heart failure. At a young age of 50, Janet passed away, leaving a heartbroken Winston, and a loving son.

Experts say that all of us have a way of coping up with grief, and the father and son tried everything they could to heal in a healthy manner. But nothing worked. Until Winston came up with a beautiful idea.

Just like how King Nebuchadnezzar II built the famous Hanging Garden of Babylon for his queen Atymis, Winston came up with a plan to make a tribute for his beloved wife.

The loving husband, Winston, turned the meadow in their home which Janet loved dearly and transformed it in a place he and his son could visit, especially during hard times. Winston transformed the meadow into a heart-shaped forest!

His heartwarming tribute for his great love remained undiscover until a frequent flyer of a hot air balloon, happened to pass by their area.

“I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer, but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky. It was a perfect heart hidden away from view-you wouldn’t know it was there!” Andy, the hot air balloonist, exclaimed in an interview.

“You can just imagine the love story.”

The breath-taking view built by Winston may not be able to bring Janet back to life, but it surely helps the father and son be in touch with the memories they cherished with Janet.

Truly, there is nothing you cannot do in the name of love. Watch the farmer’s inspiring tribute to late wife below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.