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Watch touching moment when fan describes soccer goal to visually impaired cousin

Sports is more than a game of strength, agility, and endurance. True sports has the power to connect and unite people as they cheer their hearts out for the team they are supporting. Hence, it is only safe to say that Nelson Mandela is right when he said that sports has the power to change the world by inspiring and uniting humanity.

In a now viral video wild spread on the internet, Liverpool fans celebrating over Mohammed Salah’s crucial goal was captured. The people jumping from great joy, hugging, and giving each other a high-five is enough proof to show the powerful bind that sports bring to humanity.

However, it is not only the loud cheers, and the shared happiness between a bunch of strangers that makes the now viral video special.

In the heartwarming video, the Liverpool fans were celebrating Mohammed Salah’s goal against Napoli. Among the explosive happiness of the spectators, is a man who has visual impairment and can only see a little clapping along with the other jubilant spectators.

Liverpool FC

As the Liverpool supporters were jumping up and down from pure bliss, another man can be seen together with the visually impaired man. As it turned out, the man with impaired vision was watching the game together with his cousin, who embraced him and whispered what’s happening in the field, to give him an update.

The sweet gesture of the man’s cousin towards him and the his genuine happiness as he was ‘watching’ the game was immortalized in a video, which was then uploaded online.

After being posted on Twitter and various social media sites, fellow Liverpool supporters were touched by the heartwarming gesture they have witnessed. A lot of football fans take pride in knowing that the sports they love so much is capable of bringing all kinds of people closer with one another- even people with disability!

The video was posted along with the caption: “This blind fan celebrating Salah’s goal after his friend tells him about the play is amazing! ‘The beautiful game .” Unsurprisingly, it quickly reached an overwhelming number of views.

The viral video did not only garner a lot of interest, it also gained the attention of the visually impaired man himself, Mike Kearney, who was caught on camera.

According to Mike, he was not aware that the event was recorded on camera. On his Twitter account, he further explained what was actually happening in the footage.

“Nice to read all comments about the video. It’s my cousin telling me it was mo who scored.” Mike explained. “I can see a little bit but not great. Didn’t know the camera got us. Thanks for posting.” He added.

A lot of people expressed their thoughts about touching scene between the Mike and his supportive cousin. A lot of them were commending Mike’s cousin for enthusiastically helping him out. While others are simply happy to see Mike, celebrating over Salah’s leading goal, just like an average Liverpool fan.

“This is one of the best things I’ve seen in a minute. Bless.” A Youtube user said.

“That’s special. I’m a blue and I’m in tears over that.”  A Twitter user shared her emotional reaction over the viral video.

“That is a priceless moment and video!” Another Twitter user expressed.

Twitter | Mike Kearny

Mike may be perceived as a visually impaired man but he could still see a clear picture of the world through his supportive cousin’s eyes!

Watch the viral video below and witness how the Liverpool fans, including Mike- a visually impaired man, celebrated the leading goal brought by Salah as one!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.