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Dog’s reaction to seeing a painting of his brother who passed away will touch you

Aside from being our most loyal companions, dogs are undeniably one of the smartest animals to have ever walked the earth.

These creatures are sensitive to their surroundings; they understand what is going on around them. Dogs are emotionally intelligent creatures that can sense our mood.

They know when we’re feeling down or happy, and depending on the situation, they either try to cheer us up or share in our joy.

Like many dogs, Libby Davey’s pup, Frank, had the remarkable ability to understand when someone has died. His brother, Smiff, had passed away last month, and he missed him terribly.

The family also feels devastated over Smiff’s loss, and to honor the memory of the beloved dog, Libby decided to memorialize Smiff by commissioning a painting of him.

A local artist named Tina worked on the portrait, and when it was done, Libby hung the masterpiece on their living room wall.

Tina perfectly captured Smiff’s image, so much that Frank instantly recognized the painting as his brother once he laid eyes on it.

Libby was able to capture the touching moment on camera. When Frank saw a picture of Smiff on the wall, he seemed stunned. He just couldn’t take his eyes off the painting.

As if wanting to interact with it, the sweet dog hopped onto the couch to take a closer look at the brother who he had been missing terribly.

“I think Frank knows that’s a painting of his brother,” Libby wrote.

Judging by his behavior, one can easily tell that the dog was feeling a mix of emotions. He seems delighted to see his brother again, but at the same time, he felt sad that he can’t be with him anymore.

While nothing could ever bring Smiff back, it’s clear that he will forever live in the hearts of those he left. Watch the video HERE to see Frank’s touching reaction to the painting. 

Another similar story is about this three-legged rescue dog living in an animal sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia.

Tricycle, the Golden Retriever, possesses a deep sense of loss. Whenever one of his animal friends at the Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary passes away, he mourns for them like a human.

It began four years ago when a rescued St. Bernard-mastiff mix named Major crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Tricycle shared a close bond with him, and he was clearly devastated when he died.

Lester Aradi, the sanctuary’s owner, and his wife, Diane, buried Major in a makeshift plot on the farm. Tricycle was present during the internment, but it wasn’t until the next day that the couple realized how heartbroken he was over his pal’s death.

When they came out to the yard the next morning, they saw Tricycle lying on Major’s grave.

Tricycle would come into the house, but he would spend time on the grave and lay on it whenever he’s outside. Lester and Diane observed that the dog would typically grieve for three days.

“He normally spends his day laying on the gravesite until he comes in at night,” Lester said.

Every animal that has passed away in the sanctuary are buried on the farm so that “their spirits can live on where they spent the latter years of their lives.”

And with every animal friend that has passed on, Tricycle is there to mourn and remember them.

These stories just prove that animals have the same emotional capacity as humans. They feel deeply, too, just like we do. And when they’re mourning over a special someone who has passed away, that’s when they deserve to feel our love the most.

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Tuesday 1st of December 2020

These are beautiful stories. Thank you for sharing ❤️


Monday 30th of November 2020

God spelled backwards is Dog 🐕their Love is Unconditional Too♥️

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.