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German ad agency produces Christmas commercial that is making the internet cry

German ad agency Jung von Matt just produced what is probably this year’s most touching Christmas advert.

It’s already the holiday season, and just when we thought we’ve seen all the best Christmas ads for 2020, this one about a weightlifting grandfather enters the lineup a month before the much-awaited event.

Sad grandpa sitting by the bed side all by himself.


And the commercial not only joined the lineup; it overtook all the ones that came before it!

The two-minute ad from Dutch pharmaceuticals company DocMorris has since racked up 7.4 million views on YouTube since it was posted on November 30 and millions more on other social media platforms.

Grandpa enters work shed looking for something.


The commercial features an elderly man who appears to be living alone. He wakes up one morning and decides to dust off an old rusty kettlebell in his workshop to get in shape.

He tries to pick it up from the floor but struggles to, so instead, he drags the heavy piece of equipment outside. But when a female neighbor gave him a skeptical look, the man was forced to come back inside and begin his weightlifting exercise.

We see him struggling and looking at a framed photograph for inspiration during his slow fitness routine. Through autumn and winter, the grandpa consistently stuck with his workout regimen.

The female neighbor felt so concerned for the man’s strange behavior, that she was prompted to call his daughter, Ida, who promptly visited her dad and was puzzled to see him lifting a kettlebell.

What could he be preparing for?

The kettle ball seems to capture grandpa's interest.


Fast forward to Christmas and we see him wearing a suit as he prepares to visit his family for the holidays. With a ribbon box on hand, the man arrives at his daughter’s home and sees his granddaughter, who looked thrilled to see his grandpa.

He handed the little girl her gift: a big beautiful star for their Christmas tree.

What the grandpa did next made all the kettlebell workouts made sense. He lifted his granddaughter up so she can place the Christmas star on the top of the tree.

The touching gesture made Ida cry. Meanwhile, the man—who also had tear-filled eyes—smiled and gave his daughter a meaningful look.

The ad closes with a slogan written in German that says, “So that you can take care of what really matters in life.”

Grandpa eagerly exercising using the kettle ball.


People around the world who have seen the brilliant Jung von Matt ad agency commercial have posted on social media about the touching clip.

“This commercial took me down and made me cry right at my work desk today. I showed it to three coworkers, and all three also ended up in tears. This is absolutely lovely,” said one Twitter user.

“Tis the season to cry at absolutely everything. This ad is phenomenal,” another tweeted.

“As far as Christmas adverts go, this one for @docmorris is an absolute beauty. It’s over 2 minutes long, but do watch it until the end. It’s bloody lovely,” one wrote.

We finally discover why grandpa was serious with his exercise. It's so he can carry his granddaughter.


DocMorris posted the ad on YouTube and wrote a heartfelt note (written in German) in the video’s description.

“This year is the best gift of all that we are fine and healthy. That is why your health is also a matter close to our heart. So that you can take care of what really matters in life, especially at Christmas: to spend a carefree time with your family and loved ones. DocMorris wishes you and all your relatives a happy and unforgettable celebration. Stay healthy!”

Watch the video below to see the tear-jerking commercial made by this German ad agency.

Is this the best Christmas advert you’ve seen this year? Let us know in the comments!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.