Dad and son transform a 100-year-old Sinclair gas station into a modern family home

When Robert Guthrie learned about a run-down Sinclair gas station that has been around for almost a century that was up for sale, Robert seemed to have found a treasure waiting to be discovered.

His friends and family may have seen a ragged gas station, but for Robert, the 2,000 square-foot gas station felt like the perfect place to build his home.

A great interior designer once said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” 

Robert talking to CNN money about the transformation of the old Sinclair gas station.

Living by Nate Berkus’ words, Robert Guthrie’s home may just be the perfect reflection of his personality- unique, creative, and interesting!

So without any second thoughts, Robert bought the run-down Sinclair gas station. With the help of his son, Robert revamped the place and transformed it into a dazzling and breathtaking home for his family.

On the outside, Robert’s home is a reminder of the lively Sinclair Gasoline station that once stood in his home. But the well-thought-out interior of his home will definitely leave your jaw hanging in the open!

The front of the old Sinclair gas station.

Keeping some touch of the Sinclair Gasoline, you would find some elements of the gasoline station that would remind you of the place that once stood in its place.

But now, inside the walls of the once gasoline station are a spacious living area, a functioning kitchen, a sleek bathroom, a relaxing jacuzzi, a hydraulic lift turned into staircase and an over-looking roof-deck.

Inside the old Sinclair gas station.

Indeed, just by looking at the interior of his home, you could easily say that Robert and his son did their best in giving their home a touch of their own personality while keeping its gasoline station vibe alive.

The combination of two only made Robert’s home all the more charming!

The dining area of the old Sinclair gas station.

Robert’s dining room is filled with ornaments that once decorated Sinclair’s Gasoline. The oil filling station and road track gives the dining room a ragged and edgy vibe.

The kitchen of the old Sinclair gas station.

Although Robert’s dining room is ragged and edgy, his fully furnished kitchen speaks nothing but smart and modern. His sleek kitchen looks heavenly especially to those who love and enjoy cooking!


Robert’s kitchen is all about keeping up with the modern times but it is not free from the touch of the fuel station that once stood on its place. Each of the knobs of the kitchen’s cupboards are all car emblems!

The bathroom of the old Sinclair gas station.

We all have our fair share of the gasoline station’s toilet horror story. Fortunately, Robert’s sleek and clean comfort room is one that wouldn’t send you running on your feet.

Also, using cars’ old headlights as bathroom scones is really a bright idea!


Also, who would have thought that Robert’s tissue paper rack used to be an old oil can holder?!


The charming black tiles of Robert’s bathroom walls also accentuated the gigantic typography art displayed on his high spacious wall.


Robert’s bedroom sure does look comfortable and cozy. And the tailgate hanging on his wall gave it a flare of excitement!


If there’s a piece in the house that Robert is very proud of, it is the artwork he made out of toy cars. His greatest masterpiece is a puzzle perfect fit to his transformed home!


And if you would like to have a scenic view of the sky, feel free to climb upstairs and take a rest on his charming roof deck!

Take a look at Robert’s one-of-a-kind home that does not only feel homey but artsy as well. Watch the video below to have a glimpse of his very interesting home tour!

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  1. What a shame to have all those ads and photos that had nothing to do with the article. Great job at keeping the nostalgia alive with the conversion of the station.

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