Kind customer surprises server with a generous tip leaves her in tears and responds in the most touching way ever

Random acts of kindness surely happen when they are most needed! For servers at restaurants for instance, customer service tips can be lifechanging. This was certainly the case for the lucky server who waited on client Isaiah Garza

After his meal, Garza asked the server about her desired customer service tip. She was quite hesitant, but when she finally answered she became even more speechless with Garza’s response.

Isaiah Garza is bent on doing some good in this world. A big name in the fashion world, Garza came from humble beginnings.

He shared, “I was homeless multiple times. I was sleeping in abandoned office buildings, sleeping in my car. There were times that I was really really hungry and I had nothing so I know what that’s like.”

Isaiah Garza is able to fund philanthropic activities and generous customer service tips through the sale of his jewelry.
Isaiah Garza | Facebook

While he struggled to find his place in the world, Garza always believed that things would work out if his heart was in the right place.

He told himself, “Take it one step at a time and lead with positivity. Everything happens for a reason. When something doesn’t work out, maybe it’s because it was supposed to lead you somewhere else.”

His optimism and perseverance would open doors and now he counts big names as clients, including Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper.

Sales from necklaces with lace and plenty of diamonds is why Garza can afford to give generous customer service tips..

Before his big break, Garza was on a tight budget while studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

He recalled, “I would literally just go to the fashion district in LA and figure out how to make something work with $50. I was buying random supplies and putting things together. When you believe in something you really will do whatever it takes. And that’s what I did. I led with love and kindness, worked hard, and made sure I was ready for the day when the tide would change.”

That big break would soon come through a friend from FIDM. While his friend was working on a shoot with Rihanna, Garza found the courage to offer his jewelry for the artist’s styling.

That one “yes” changed his life forever. When a French magazine with Rihanna on the cover wearing Garza’s jewelry was released, Garza’s inventory of jewelry immediately sold out.

Garza holds up a number of necklaces, with some being tried on by a customer.

Garza took this lesson to heart. He said, “To someone who is struggling, even a little help and positivity can be incredibly meaningful.”

This is probably why he is quite generous with customer service tips. He has since helped trafficking survivors and the homeless and worked with corporations to help people in need.

“If it’s social good and I know it’s going back to people who are in need then that’s good enough for me.” Garza is extremely grateful to work with companies that care.

His collaboration with KFC raised half a million dollars for non-profit organizations across the country to fight hunger in their communities. And he randomly helps individuals and families, like servers who rely heavily on customer service tips.

At that restaurant, Garza surprised the server on her desired customer service tip. After initially replying that she would be happy with what he would be willing to give, she gave in and mentioned that she would be grateful to receive a $20 customer service tip.

Garza insisted, however, and asked what she really needed. Hesitating, the server said she needed to pay her phone bill, as well as buy a new air conditioner.

Garza did not hesitate in the least and handed over a completely unexpected customer service tip – $50 for her phone bill, and another $300 for an air conditioner! “I really truly, truly, truly appreciate it,” the server said. “This has never happened to me before.”

The server was so grateful, but she immediately changed her mind. “I’m just going to give it to my mom to be honest,” said the server. The most welcome customer service tip would help pay off her mother’s mortgage.

Garza is dreaming big, however, and his magnanimity won’t end with customer service tips. He hopes to help more people on a worldwide scale, perhaps with schools in developing countries, and shelters for the homeless, as well as trafficking and abuse survivors.

He would love to have a talk show where he could help others. Ultimately, Garza wants to be one of the biggest non-profits in the world.

Garza added, “The philosophy that’s helped me is if you can just help one person, that’s one person in life that you can save and it multiplies from there.”

That customer service tip already multiplied when it went on to the server’s mother. Garza is certainly the embodiment of those who want to make this world a better place, and an inspiration for all of us to give chances to others whenever possible.

Check out the heartwarming exchange between Garza and the server below:

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