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Couple buys old bread truck off Ebay, transforms it into their dream home

Nothing is impossible in the name of love. Not even turning an old delivery truck into a cozy and dreamy home! After buying an old bread lorry delivery truck for £3,600, the inspiring couple, Martin Hill and Iona Stewart, was able to travel around Europe without having to fly or use the trains.

Martin Hill and Iona Stewart shelled out a total of £25,000 after buying and renovating the 28 feet old delivery truck. It took the couple how many months to transform the delivery truck into a place they can proudly call as their home. The couple believes that the 4 months it took to build their home was all worth it.

The two sweethearts met each other while snowboarding on the slopes of the French Alps. To celebrate their ever-growing loving relationship, Martin and Iona will be returning to the French Alps together ‘inside’ their new home.

“About four years ago after a few too many beers I thought about buying a big American RV,” Martin recalled what inspired him to come up with their unique home. “We bought the lorry in May this year. We spent four months working on it full-time.”

What makes their new home even more special for Martin and Iona is the fact that both of them invested their heart in its renovation. Martin took responsibility for the construction works while Iona took charge of making their new home sleek and beautiful.

 “We did everything ourselves,” Martin said, taking pride for the masterpiece they have created. “It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it.”

Looking at the photos of their new home below, who would say that their cozy den used to be a delivery truck? Despite their limited space, Martin and Iona were able to put up a comfy and homey living area.

Their humble abode also features a clean and smartly designed small kitchen that has a room for every herb, spices, and utensils that one would need.

In addition, their limited space did not compromise their desire to have a spacious double bed and a customized closet. Their bedroom is even decorated with framed artworks. They even have a small but fully functional shower and toilet!

After selling their penthouse in Nottingham, England, Martin and Iona hit the road and explored the breath-taking sceneries of Europe. Now the inspiring couple is traveling ‘inside’ their home, saving them heaps of money from unnecessary hotel and flight accommodations.

There is nothing more beautiful than two people who do not only love but also share their dreams with one another. Cheers to the lucky couple who conquered their dreams with each other right by their side. May Martin and Iona’s relationship remind all of us what #RelationshipGoals are truly about.

Photos | Iona Stewart

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