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Cops find missing Husky, confirm his identity when he ‘sings’ his favorite song

THE MOMENT humans let a dog into their hearts, they begin sharing good things in life—food, home, interests, and most of all, memories. This innate friendship between men and dogs was once again proven when a dog owner confirmed the identity of his missing Siberian Husky through the soundtrack of a television show they probably watched together.

After receiving reports from a group of teenagers that a malnourished Siberian Husky had been aimlessly walking on the field, the Israeli Police took actions with hopes of reuniting it with its owners.

The cop first brought the dog to the police post and applied first aid to treat minor injuries the Husky sustained after days of wandering away from its home.

Singing his way home

The rescued Husky matched the description of a missing black and white dog reported by a man from Be’ersheva in southern Israel. The Israel Police contacted the apparent owner to confirm if it was his dog.

In most cases, rescuers confirm the identity of the dog by matching it with descriptions such as fur color, dog tags, and owner-pet “call signs.” But the owner’s relationship was too special for clichés. He pulled out a trick, a personal code that proves that the owner and the dog binge-watch TV shows and spend lots of times together.

Over the phone, the owner asked the police officers to play the theme song of his favorite Israeli sitcom titled “Shemesh” and check if he sings along. Not long after the song started, the Husky started to wag his tails and howl to the beat of the song—an indication that the Police has found the missing the dog.

A viral video originally posted by Israel Police scooped the emotional reunion between the man and the husky and everyone was in awe.

I cried the whole way here. You poor thing. Thank you, thank you so much,” said the owner who rushed to the police post after confirming that it was, indeed, his dog.

The video has now been shared and posted several times on different media platforms. Some internet users expressed admiration over the bond between the owner and the Husky—noting that it was full of love and connection.

Some netizens also shared their similar experiences. This includes Ilia Santana Diaz who remembered her dog “Sammy” who was jamming to Tom Jones’ classics.

I had a Chihuahua that did the same thing except it was Tom Jones song It’s not unusual I couldn’t even say Tom Jones he would howl and have tears in his eyes. I sure miss Sammy,” Diaz said.

Meanwhile, netizen Marion Macpherson’s dog expressed patriotism with his song: “Had a poodle who sang every time the flag was raised ….we were a military family!

Expert: Dogs can define music

Psychology professor and dog enthusiast Stanley Coren the connection between dogs and music can be backed up by history.

Source: AP

In 1980, pianist and music arranger, conducted the musical Howl, wherein three dogs accompanied singers with howls.

The owner’s enthusiasm whenever he or she listens to music also leave a mark in a dog’s memories. The more enthusiastic the owner is, the more likely their pets try to mimic the music.

Dogs, dubbed historically as man’s best friend, have proven time and time that they can do lots of things—dance, sing, cry, among others. In-arguably, they make humans feel loved.

Watch the dog sing his favorite theme song below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.