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Community rallies around homeless mom and her kids sleeping in school parking lot

In this world where everyone has their own problems they need to be concerned with, it is sometimes quite hard to believe that there are still good Samaritans out there. But a police woman from Michigan proves that there are still people who don’t mind lending a helping hand to those in need.

Neither Erin Harrison nor her two daughters, Hayden and Abbigale had an idea that one simple question would change their lives for the better.

Erin Harrison and her children were recently evicted from their apartment. They have been sleeping in their car on the parking lot of the children’s elementary school for quite a while. Though Erin works hard at a local McDonalds, her salary is still not enough to move in a new place they could call home.

It is just another day living like this when Erin approached Sgt. Heather Kolke of the Walled Lake Police Department in Michigan to ask for a legal advice.

“I asked her if it was illegal to sleep in a car and to see just in case if we did have to,” Erin asked Sgt. Kolke.

It is with Erin’s question that Sgt. Kolke felt that the family needs her help. She asked more questions and discovered the unfortunate circumstances she and her children are experiencing.

Being a mother herself, Sgt. Heather Kolke couldn’t let Erin and her children spend the night in a parking lot again. Thinking fast, she reached out to her friends and colleagues to collect enough money.  She want the struggling family to be able to sleep in a warm and comfortable hotel room even for just a night.

Sgt. Heather Kolke’s helping hand did not stop here. A couple of days after their first meeting, she, together with the support of the Walled Lake Police Department and the local community, were able to give Hayden and Abbigale a memorable Ninth birthday!

Almost everyone pitched in to be able to give the beautiful twins a truly happy Ninth birthday. The Party City donated balloons, Buttercream bakery donated the twin’s birthday cake, and since Pizza Hut is the favorite pizza of the twins, they donated pizza.

The kind and generous gesture towards this family given by the Sgt. Kolke, the Police department, and the local community did not stop with the birthday celebration of the beautiful twins. In fact, it is just the beginning.

The news about Erin’s family spread across town to the point of getting the attention of their town’s mayor.

Walled Lake Mayor, Linda Ackley can’t help but empathize with the struggling family. She asked for help on the local news station – hopeful that a more long-term solution will be found and that the family could finally find a new home.

Mayor Linda Ackley’s call for help did not go in vain. Most of the viewers were touched and inspired by the kindness of Sgt. Kolke and decided that they too could help Erin’s family.

Help from viewers poured in. Osram, a local gas station owner, and his children raised and donated more than three hundred dollars for the family. Another person volunteered to take the twin on a thousand shopping trip for their clothes and other needs.

In total, the local community was able to raised an astounding balance of 2,500 dollars!

“I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means the world to my girls to get somewhere.”

Erin couldn’t help but be emotional with the overwhelming kindness their family is getting. No amount of words could express how thankful she is for the local community.

“I feel like I was connected with Sgt. Kolke through God. It is a reminder there are good people in the world,” Erin said, still thankful on the fateful day she met Sgt. Kolke.

Erin promised and assured the local community that all of the money donated will be used in finding a new home for her and the twins.

Watch the touching story of Erin and see how an act of kindness, big or small, could change the life of a person.

Photo | Image grab from WXYZ.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.