Coffee shop owner closes own store for a day to raise funds and work for terminally ill competitor

When a coffee shop owner learned that the co-owner of a competing coffee shop – who also happened to be her friend – was terminally ill, she decided to close her own business for a day to work for them.

Last Wednesday, Pixie Adams, the owner of Moonlight Coffee House in Oak Grove, Oregon, announced that her shop will be closed for the day. Instead of proceeding with the usual business day, Pixie volunteered to serve cappuccinos and lattes in a different coffee shop located a mile away.


Pixie was closing her shop to help one of her friends – a co-owner of The Local Coffee Company – who had fallen terminally ill with cancer.

Dave McAdams beat cancer twice before but got sick again this year. His wife, Tina, quit her full-time job to help him run the shop. Unfortunately, the cancer progressed and doctors gave him two months to live. Dave is staying at home now on hospice care.

With a terminally husband, Tina needed to be with Dave at home as much as possible, which made running the shop a challenge. But with the help of family and friends who volunteered to help out, Tina was able to manage.


One of those friends was Pixie. Dave and Tina live next to Pixie’s coffee shop, and the trio became friends even before the couple opened their own shop in December 2018. They often visit each other’s locations and sometimes share business advice.

Pixie was a breast cancer survivor, and she understood how difficult it is to run a business especially considering the couple’s circumstances. To help Dave and Tina, Pixie offered to work for them for a day, free of charge, as part of a fundraiser.

“I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in the competition in business,” Pixie told “I wanted to do something for them that I knew was going to make a difference in more than a superficial way. To me, it will always be community over competition, and friendship over business.”


The Moonlight Coffee House announced the details of the fundraiser on Instagram.

“If you don’t know, Dave McAdams has spent years working to support the local Oak Grove and Milwaukie communities through volunteer work, non-profit work, sports coaching and sadly, is now in hospice care as he bravely faces a terminal cancer diagnosis. And that means their family needs OUR help!”

Pixie encouraged her own customers to visit The Local Coffee Company for their caffeine fix, and told them that “every single dollar” they spend will go directly to the McAdams family.

“So come buy a drink. Share the event. Donate. And show Dave and Tina what community love is all about,” Pixie wrote.

Courtesy of Pixie Adams

The community did not disappoint. The response to the fundraiser was incredible, raising almost $4,000 for Dave’s treatment. Aside from that, another friend named Mandy Wells created a GoFundMe page to help Dave and Tina with their medical expenses. So far, it has exceeded the $15,000 goal and has raised $17,516!

Another Portland coffee company called Mudd Works Roastery donated 100 pounds of coffee beans which are being sold as Dave’s LovedDeeply Brew. The sales from each bag will also go directly to the McAdams family.

There is an outpouring of support for Dave, and it is so beautiful to see that through Pixie’s selfless act, a whole community was inspired to open up their heart to a person who is in great need.

Support Dave and Tina by donating to their GoFundMe.