Empaths and narcissists make a toxic partnership — here’s why they’re attracted to each other

Some people believe in the old saying of opposites attract each other. But Matthew Johnson, a psychologist, and author of Great Myths of Intimate Relationships, says that people are not magnets. According to his research, couples with polar traits rarely have long-lasting relationship.

Others may argue, but the findings of Matthew Johnson ring a lot of truth to the empaths and narcissists who are engaged in a relationship with each other.

According to other psychologists, the relationship shared between these two types of people are doomed from the start.

An empath is a person who is capable of empathizing with the feelings and situations of others.  They are those who are easily affected by the energy of other people.

They are those who feel and take the emotional burden of other people, which means that they are very sensitive about the emotions and feelings of others. Thus, an empath is also regarded as a healer.

A narcissist, on the other hand, is a person who is incapable of caring to anyone but themselves. They believe that the entire universe revolves around them. Narcissists love to be the center of attention and sure know how to manipulate the emotions of others.

With their traits being totally opposite from one another, a relationship shared between an empath and a narcissist is more likely to fail than the rest.

Because of their sensitivity to the feelings and situations of other people around them, an empath takes delight in helping other people to solve their problems.

While narcissists are only capable of looking after themselves. If no one would change, their relationship will be a matter of give, give, and give; and receive and receive and receive instead of a give and take. Making their relationship a toxic one.

The empath, having a compassionate and generous heart, will always see the good in everyone. Hence, they believe that deep inside a narcissist is a pure and good heart hiding underneath a bad exterior.

Thinking only about the hidden kindness of a narcissist, an empath is most likely to turn a blind eye on the dark side of a narcissist.

Since a narcissist only focuses on themselves, a narcissist does not care how much pain they cause to the empath who blindly believes in them.

Always thinking only about themselves, they will take an empath for granted and won’t be thankful for all the good things an empath does for them.

Sooner or later, the empath will realize that they are consuming themselves to light a narcissist. A narcissist who wouldn’t even bother sharing the lit fire with them.

Through the course of their relationship, a narcissist is noted of taking in full control of the relationship.

The narcissist would soon ask questions like, ‘you do love me, don’t you?‘ Challenging the empath to give in to their request to prove how much they love them.

And when an empath tries to turn down the favors asked by the narcissist they are in a relationship way, narcissists would tend to guilt-trip an empath just so a narcissist would get what they want.

Once an empath’s mind is filled with self-doubt, the narcissist would always point all of the negative things happening in their life to the empath. Until the empath believes that everything is because of their fault.

Another reason why an empath and a narcissist’s relationship is doomed from the start, is because of the fact that narcissists simply do not care about them. This means that, when an empath comes face to face with life’s greatest adversity, a narcissist wouldn’t be around to offer a shoulder to lean on.

The saddening part about this relationship, is the fact that because of the selfishness and non-accountability of a narcissist, an empath may slowly turn into a narcissist too. With a narcissist being too selfish and self-absorbed, and an empath whose emotional needs aren’t being met, their relationship has no more direction.

Ultimately, when an empath and a narcissist’s relationship fail, those who love an empath pray every night for the empath not to be a victim of a narcissist again!

Do you know someone who is in a relationship with a person who is totally different from them? Did you know an empath and a narcissist whose relationship withstood time? If yes, then feel free to share what you know about them on the comment section below! We surely want to hear your thoughts!

(Note: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only and not to be treated as a professional opinion, recommendation or diagnosis.)

1 thought on “Empaths and narcissists make a toxic partnership — here’s why they’re attracted to each other”

  1. This article screamed of a “friendship” that I finally just had to walk away from. Over the course of many years this “friend” and I would hang out for awhile, then have a (always dramatic event, blown completely out of proportion) split. The split would last for years at a time, then for one reason or another, we found something in common & attempted to reconcile. This happened 2, maybe 3 times. This last time was the grand finale. I just don’t need that much drama in my life. That poor woman cannot see that she’s a flaming narcissist & I’ve abandoned trying to prop up her fragile ego all the while defending innocent comments or actions.
    Interesting article, thanks!

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