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Child prodigy earning a master’s degree in mathematics has an IQ higher than Einstein

Adhara Pérez Sánchez, who is just 11, is exceptional beyond belief. With an IQ higher than Albert Einstein’s, the Mexican child prodigy is earning a master’s degree in mathematics and dreams of becoming an astronaut for NASA. Sánchez, who grew up in the low-income neighborhood of Tláhau, Mexico City, is also autistic.

This young girl first went viral in 2019 as a young genius with learning disabilities. Initially thought of as  “weird” in school, Sánchez turned out to be a particularly gifted child with outstanding capabilities.

Sánchez finished elementary school at the age of five, then finished middle and high school a year later. She is now working with the Mexican Space Agency to help promote space exploration among young girls.

Who would have thought that the child prodigy earning a master’s degree was bullied as a child for her mental challenges?

At age three, when her speech significantly regressed, Sánchez was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. As part of the autism spectrum, the disorder can cause difficulty interacting with others.

As a toddler she endured incessant bullying from classmates, and her development concerns were ignored by her teachers. She may be a child prodigy earning a master’s degree now, but in her younger years Sánchez had to change school three times and she began to isolate herself.

Her mother, Nayeli Sánchez, explained, “The teachers were not very empathetic, they told me that I wish she would finish an assignment. She began to exclude herself, she did not want to play with her classmates, she felt strange, different.”

She added, “She could be at school for a while but then she couldn’t, she fell asleep, she didn’t want to do things anymore. She was very depressed, people did not have empathy, they made fun of her.”

As Sánchez turned to isolation, her mother noticed the signs that transformed her daughter into a child prodigy earning a master’s degree.

Sánchez had already taught herself algebra and memorized the periodic table. Still, the mother brushed off this amazing feat, thinking that her daughter must have been bored.

The family enrolled Sánchez in therapy to help with her depression. Soon enough, she was referred to the Center for Attention to Talent (CEDAT), a school for gifted children.

The school confirmed Sánchez’ brilliance – the IQ of the child prodigy earning a master’s degree was a mind-blowing 162, which is higher than Albert Einstein and her idol Stephen Hawking, who both had an IQ of 160. 

After completing her high school education at CEDAT at age six, Sánchez went on to finish two degrees in systems and industrial engineering from CNCI University.

Currently, the child prodigy is earning a master’s degree in mathematics at the Technological University of Mexico. She hopes to work with NASA and dreams of exploring Mars.

The prodigy’s fascination with space exploration was born after a visit to one of her doctors. His office was filled with artwork displaying Stephen Hawking, who is famous for his discovery that black holes emit radiation.

Sánchez can often be seen wearing gear with the NASA logo on her Instagram. She shared, “My name is a star from the Canis Major constellation. Wezen is right above Adhara. Aludra is right below Adhara. I want to go to space and colonize Mars. If you don’t like where you are, imagine where you want to be. I see myself at NASA, so it’s worth a try.” 

The child prodigy earning a master’s degree is well on her way to reaching her dreams. Sánchez hopes to continue her education at the University of Arizona to study astrophysics.

She is also currently working toward finishing G-tests that will allow her to man flights through an agency that has connections to NASA that supports young scientists. When she passes, she’ll be around 17 and the first autistic person to fly.

In addition to her impressive academic credentials, Sánchez wrote a book about her experiences titled Do Not Give Up. She was also featured in Forbes México’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico.

She is also developing a new smart bracelet that can monitor the emotions of differently abled children, anticipating and preventing seizures and other outbursts.

Sánchez is a true inspiration! Her journey has not been easy, particularly given her autism. Despite all odds she has overcome bullying and developmental challenges to become a child prodigy earning a master’s degree to fulfill her dreams of going into space.

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