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A cat with dwarfism is melting hearts while playing in the garden modified by her owner

Pets with dwarfism are susceptible to various health problems such as obesity, heart and lung problems, and mobility issues.

There is no specific treatment available for animal dwarfism but there are ways for pet owners to make the lives of their pets easier and more fulfilling.

A TikToker under the username @figgypuddin has a cat with dwarfism and is doing something amazing for her pet.

In a video the owner posted, the cat can be seen walking in a garden, which the owner designed based on the cat’s personal needs.

The pet owner introduced the cat in the video and explained the modifications done in the garden to ensure the safety and comfort of the little feline.

“This is Fig. She is a dwarf cat. She’s got feline dwarfism which means she’s very tiny. She’ll always look like a kitten, and she has mobility issues so we don’t let her use the stairs ’cause it hurts her bones,” the owner said.

“And this is her little route to get down onto the grass in our garden, and also her little toilet patch ’cause she refuses to use the lovely selection of litter trays that we have in the house.”

As the cat reaches her favorite potty spot, her owner goes on talking, “This is her toilet patch, where she goes for her poops and wees, and then this is her ramp that she climbs down to get into the garden, she also goes back up into the house this way.” The owner also said that Fig is only allowed in the garden if she is being supervised.

According to PetMD, dwarfism in cats is caused by the insufficient production of growth hormones and can be passed along by a parent.

The symptoms of cat dwarfism include poor growth or lack of growth, enlarged joints, larger than normal head, undershot jaw, crooked teeth, and abnormal bone shape.

These symptoms make a cat’s life more challenging than normal cats. However, with adequate love and attention from the owner, pets with dwarfism can have a happier, healthier, and longer life.

What Fig’s owner did for her pet was an example of this. Because of the modifications made in their garden, the cat can now enjoy playing in her favorite spot without compromising her health.

This is also the reason why Fig’s video went viral and warmed the hearts of the netizens. They were all praises for Fig’s owner and thankful for what was done for the lovely cat.

“Thank you for putting so much effort into her and helping her have a much easier, healthier life. It’s lovely to see a dwarf kitty thriving,” a viewer commented.

“Seeing how accessible you’ve made everything for her is so heartwarming,” one of the users wrote. “Oh, sweet poor kitty, she’s so lucky you’re taking such good care of her,” another one added.

There are more pets with dwarfism suffering from different health issues. Because of their loving owners; however, they are able to enjoy life and get through these difficulties.

Ranger, a five-year-old German Shepard has pituitary dwarfism which is a recessively inherited disorder.

His owner, Shelby Mayo did everything to make sure the dog would still live his best life. She had him neutered and saw big changes in his weight, appetite, and skin.

“He is healthy and happy as can be as of now and loves jumping around and playing with his ball and squeaky toys with his two sisters Hazel and Jessie,” Shelby shared.

Pets with dwarfism may look like puppies or kittens forever but with proper attention and love from their owners, they can grow healthy and happy normal pets.

Watch Fig’s modified garden in the video below:

@figgypuddin_ Adpating the garden for a smol cat #dwarfcat #catsoftiktok #figtok ♬ original sound – figgypuddin_

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.