Cat cuddles up to mobile phone when he sees human companion who died years ago

Cats are known for their aloof, cold, and dominant reputation. But just because they do not run towards the doorstep to welcome you home does not mean that they are not longing for your affection.  At the end of the day, cats are also endearing creatures who love to be cuddled and petted by their owners.

But the question is, are cats capable of understanding complex emotions such as anxiety, anger, agitation, disgust, dismay, loss, and grief? Well, according to a cat therapist, Carole Wilbourn, cats definitely have emotions just like us. “They can express different moods happiness, sadness, rage that let me know. A cat acts the way it feels.”

According to an animal behaviorist, Warren Eckstein, cats can feel emotions, however, since cats are not humans we cannot expect them to react to their emotions in a way that we, humans, do. “They may not react the same way, but they definitely feel the same emotions we feel.”

Just like any other pets, cats develop a strong emotional bond with their owners, Thus, there are cats who patiently and persistently wait for their owners, who have already disappeared from their life, to return once again. An example of this is the cat featured in a viral short clip. In the circulating video, the heartwarming reaction of the cat watching a video of her deceased owner will surely make you cry.

In the viral video, the cat can be seen watching a video of her deceased owner on a mobile phone attentively. The feline was focused on what she’s seeing in the screen that nothing could distract her.

Seconds after looking at the video, the cat suddenly kneaded its head against the mobile phone, as if she was seeking affection from the deceased owner she missed so much.

The cat even pulled the mobile phone in an embrace and settled her head on it. As if doing so would bring her deceased owner back.

As unbelievable as it sounds, there is no use in denying the fact that animals, such as cats, are capable of forming a strong emotional bond with the humans who took care of them. Just like us, they can experience pain, grief, and mourning as well. Evident in the video below, they are also capable of missing someone and knows how to long for their presence.

Does your pet express how much they have missed you after you have been gone from home? Do share your memorable experiences in which your beloved pet expressed how attached they are to you, down in the comment section below!

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