Bride had ‘flower bros’ for wedding instead of the usual flower girls: ‘They understood the assignment’

A social media influencer, Jessica Harvey, got married to Jonathan Wallace on May 28, 2022 and it was certainly memorable for many reasons, not least of which were her Flower Bros, in lieu of the traditional flower girls.

On her wedding, Harvey was wondering how to include her brothers since her husband-to-be had already chosen his groomsmen.

In these changing times, there have been a number of fun ways to shape new and inclusive wedding traditions.

The flower bros make a cool entrance the social media influencer's wedding.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

In this instance, Harvey decided to mix things up a bit and replaced the usual flower girls with her brothers as flower bros!

And better yet, her flower bros understood the assignment and danced their way along while, throwing flowers and setting the stage for a loving and fun-filled wedding.

In a now-viral video, the flower bros could be seen having fun at the wedding, showing that they could be just as grand as their social media influencer sister.

They injected so much joy into their role, earning much-deserved praise from the wedding audience and netizens who saw the clip online.

The flower bros start walking down the aisle to the tune of "Leave the Door Open" by Bruno Mars.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

The bride Harvey is a social media influencer with a lifestyle and beauty channel on YouTube called OnlyOneJess. Her videos are a mix of beauty tutorials, relationship discussions, and general life updates.

Her videos have been well received as she dishes out beauty advice on natural hair styles, upkeep, and maintenance and she now has 499k subscribers on YouTube, 498k on Instagram, and almost 40k on TikTok.

The flower bros start tossing flowers across the aisle.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

In the wedding video, the two flower bros coolly enter the wedding venue, proudly displaying their fanny packs marked with “Flower Bros.”

They start walking, dancing, and throwing flowers along the aisle to the tune of “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Bars and they absolutely had a great time!

They showed some smooth moves and danced to the audience who responded with hoots of appreciation, laughter, and praise.

The flower bros are grooving to the music while waking down the aisle.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

While the wedding was posted on the social media influencer’s YouTube channel, the Flower Bros’ performance was uploaded on her Tiktok, which has since generated 15.2M views!

Viewers were thrilled, with TikTok user @naturally_nella commenting, “They understood the assignment!” User @keenanafoa stated, “Look how happy they made the guests! I think they’ve started a new wedding trend!

User @mustafamarie appreciated the fanny packs, “I love how their fanny pack says ‘Flower Bros’,” while @angelareads81 asked, “By chance can they be hired for other weddings to be flower men? They could make a killing!”

The social media influencer certainly had an extra special wedding due to her enthusiastic flower bros.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

There were a lot of comments on Reddit as well. Kirkuchiyo said, “If I ever got married again (unlikely since I am currently happily married) I’d HIRE these guys, that’s an awesome take on flower delivery!!” The fanny packs were a big hit, as dadarkgtprince shared, “Those fanny packs though. That’s amazing!

User highland added, “Hands down the best flower people I’ve ever seen, such poise.” And user MrVerceti said, “This looks like a fun wedding to attend!

Over the years, many weddings have changed traditional wedding roles, to show inclusivity or add some more fun to the wedding ceremony.

The dancing flower bros made a memorable wedding for the social media influencer and her groom.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

Similar to the social media influencer’s wedding, flower bros seem to be gaining popularity around the world, with some even handing out beers to the wedding guests!

Comments on the video also showed how others have incorporated changes into their own weddings.

User boi_against_bigotry shared, “My sister was my best man.” User _Driftwood_ added, “I’ve been seeing this a lot lately! the last wedding a bride had her brothers as bridesmaids- one was even the maid of honor! I love seeing it!

User blobofdepression shared, “We had our sisters stand next to us, and they walked down the aisle together! So his sister stood next to him, then the best man. My sister was the matron of honor and stood next to me. It was awesome!

The ecstatic social media influencer and her husband.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

The flower bros might have stood out, but the whole wedding ceremony certainly lived up to Harvey’s credentials as a social media influencer.

The glowing bride wore a beautiful, corseted dress with sheer panels on the back. The groom and his groomsmen looked cool in their suits and dark shades.

Officiated by the groom’s father, the wedding might have been extra, but it was certainly special and sincere as well.

And the internet agreed! User Steph j. commented, “JESS! Why did you & Jonathan do this to me?!! Your vows to each other were everything & I loved the flower bros. May you two have a lifetime of happiness & abundant blessings!

The social media influencer, her husband, and their wedding party.
OnlyOneJess | YouTube

User Dinequianna Buckhalter added, “I’m not crying you are!!! Lol thank you for sharing such a special intimate moment with your followers/supporters. This made me reflect on my own relationship and made me realize that forever on earth is not long enough. The dress THE DRESS THAAAATTTT DRESS!!! YES MA’AM!!! That dress is YOU, it fit you PERFECTLY!!! Everything was beautiful, the flower brothers all the way to the reception!!! Once again, thank you for sharing this chapter of your life!

Weddings these days turn viral for so many reasons and these flower bros certainly made the cut. Watch the social media influencer’s beautiful wedding, and the flower bros hilarious entrance in the view below:

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