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Dad surprises daughter on her wedding day when he brings out the voice behind ‘The Little Mermaid’

A love of a father is unconditional and knows no bound. Even if a daughter has already found a prince who will guard her heart and protect it, she will always remain as her father’s little girl. The viral newlywed of New Jersey is a testament to the things that a father can do for the sake of his daughter’s happiness.

When Krysten Green married the love of her life, Chris, it is no doubt the happiest and most memorable day of her life. Not only because she was able to tie the knot with the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with, but because her father was able to make her childhood dream come true.

Krysten is a certified Disney fan. In fact, ever since she was a child, she has always been a fan of Disney movies, particularly of the classic fairytale, The Little Mermaid. Thus it is only right to for her classic Disney favorites to be a part of her sweetest day.

As a present for his daughter’s special day, Krysten’s father put on a huge pair of Mickey Mouse gloves before giving a toast for the newlyweds at the reception of their wedding. Knowing that Krysten loves Disney film, her dad asked him about her favorite Disney film.

Without hesitation, Krysten answered with a resounding “Little Mermaid.” Turning his back from the crowd for a while, her dad disappeared from the reception hall. In a matter of minutes, he quickly returned with a very special guest on his arm.

Together with the doting father was no other than the esteemed Jody Benson, the talented singer whose voice gave life to Ariel of The Little Mermaid which his daughter cherished the most.

Meanwhile, in the exciting and joyous video, you could see the overwhelmed bride who was looking for the right words to express her overflowing happiness. With her mouth hanging open and her eyes about to bug out, Krysten savored the sweet serenade of her childhood hero.

Before belting the classic and popular Part of Your World song, Jodi confessed that it was her first time to sing at a wedding that wasn’t for her family. Soon, Jodi began singing, filling the reception hall with a sweet voice that reminded the audiences of the box-office hit animated fairy tale.

Krysten and her family, friends, and beloved acquaintances were amazed by the heavenly voice of Jodi. Some of the wedding guests can be seen wiping the tears from their eyes, they felt strings being tugged in their heart as they savored the sweet surprise of Krysten’s father.

The touching and special video uploaded on Facebook has reached more than 11 million views in just a span of 2 weeks! People across the globe poured their best wishes and insights on the comment section of the video captured by Carlisle Videography.

“I wasn’t even MY wedding and I am just sitting here bawling (I tried to sing along but I only got the first verse out before I started sobbing). How lucky this woman is to have this surprise on her wedding day, and how amazing Jodie is for still being able to sing this song just as she did almost 30 years ago!” Felicia Flutters Schuman, Facebook viewer expressed her appreciation and amazement to Jodi’s ageless voice.

“That was awesome. I was crying watching lol… To see the pure joy and excitement on the brides face and her grooms happiness that she was so happy made me emotional!!! Little Mermaid is my all time FAV as well.” Jill Melissa, another Facebook user, admitted that the touching surprise of Kyrsten’s father made her cry happy tears.

Watch the touching and sentimental surprise of a Krysten’s father on her wedding day, showing how a father’s love can make unimaginable things possible, all for the happiness of their forever ‘little’ girl!

Photos and Video | Carlisle Videography

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.