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Boys mow lawn to keep elderly woman from going to jail over ridiculous law

The story featured today happened almost three years ago. Yet it is a story worth to be re-told and shared over again for it is a story of a small act of kindness that will surely brighten your day.

Four young brothers helped a 75-year old woman they didn’t know and saved her from going to jail over a ridiculous law.

In Riesel Texas, Gerry Suttle, a then 75-year old woman who lives alone, was issued a notice to explain herself before a judge because the grasses on her lawn was more than 18 inches tall. Gerry said she did not receive any notice and was not aware of the law of the state as well.

After having violated the city code and not responding to the notice she did not receive, a warrant of arrest was issued for her. 

Four young brothers who heard of Gerry’s predicament in a news report, felt like they need to do something for the old woman, despite not knowing her personally.

“We haven’t met her yet but she’s 75 years old and she needs some help mowing,” Blaine Reynolds, one of the four young boys, shared in an interview.  “That’s the least we could do.”

The four boys knew how much Gerry needed their collected effort. The boys shared that more than shearing the grasses that had overgrown, they are more concerned about keeping Gerry from going to jail. It’s all about treating the old woman with kindness and respect.

The four young brothers sheared and cut Gerry’s overgrown lawn under the scorching summer heat. It was over 90 degrees yet the boys are pushing mowers with all their might under the open sun.

The mighty effort and determination displayed by the four boys draw interest from Gerry’s neighbor.

After they have noticed and realized what the young brothers are doing, Gerry’s neighbors jumped in action, rode their mowers and began helping the admirable brothers accomplish their mission.

With everyone helping each other, they were able to transform the overgrown lawn into a beautiful one just within two hours of collaborative hard work.

The unsuspecting Gerry came out to see what the fuss happening in her lawn is all about, and was shocked at the sight that surprised her.

She couldn’t believe what her eyes are seeing- four boys she does not know and her neighbors worked hard for her- without her asking for help at all.

“I cannot believe this! I am very seldom without words but this is one time. You mark it down in history that I didn’t have something to say.” The thankful and grateful Gerry was lost for words and was completely speechless.

“It’s summer day, we don’t have season passes yet to Warren Falls. What else could we do? Just go out and help some people.” One of the four boys explained why they decided to help a woman they did not know.

“I really wouldn’t want her coming out here doing it or paying a bunch of money, when we could have just done it for free.” He added.

What makes this story extra-touching is how the children knew the gravity of Gerry’s situation. It’s admirable how they already know the importance of helping those who are in need and being generous with kindness at such a young age. May their story be an inspiration to all of us to be a blessing to others.

Watch the video below and witness the heartwarming kindness of the four boys who did not let an old woman they don’t know go to jail.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.