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Woman’s boyfriend broke up with her a week before the European holiday, so her dad stepped in

Despite a sudden heartbreak, a woman didn’t let her European holiday go to waste. Thanks to her loving Dad, who went on the trip with her instead of her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her a week before their planned holiday.

Emma Di Palma, a 23-year-old Canadian, was shocked and heartbroken when her boyfriend suddenly decided to break up with her. What’s more painful is that they were only a week away from their European trip when it happened.

Emma has been waiting for it, looking forward to a blissful holiday with him; only to find out he was not happy with their relationship anymore.

The man’s shocking decision broke Emma’s heart into pieces and left her disappointed, regretful, and confused.

She could not help but doubt herself after her ex-boyfriend left him with a clichéd breakup reason of having to “work on himself.”

After crying her heart out, it was time to dry her tears and talk to the one person who she knew could cheer her up the most: her father.

She told him about the breakup and invited him to go with her for a European holiday. He instantly agreed and a week later, they were sipping cocktails in Portugal.

The romantic getaway Emma was expecting turned into an exceptional father-daughter bonding experience, which she was so thankful for.

It was also a great way to heal and keep his mind off his past relationship and the person responsible for her heartache.

Emma shared her beautiful experience on TikTok through a video of their holiday in Portugal. “POV: Your ex breaks up with you a week before your Euro trip so your dad comes with you instead,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

The video shows the father and daughter enjoying their spritz under the clear, blue skies and laughing together.

Though Emma found it hard to enjoy her trip, she was so thankful that her Dad was there to cheer her up and make it worthwhile. The heartwarming video quickly went viral as it touched the hearts of many people on TikTok.

Those who have seen the video had nothing but kind words for Emma and her dad, which made it easier for her to enjoy the holiday and accept her breakup. Most of the commenters praised her dad for taking the place of her ex-boyfriend.

“That’s what dads are for. You are so lucky to have a dad that cares so much, treasure him. I hope you both enjoyed your holiday,” wrote one of the commenters. “Nobody will love you like your daddy! What a beautiful trip that you’ll both remember forever!” wrote another one.

A week after their breakup, Emma found out that her ex-boyfriend was already seeing a new girl while some women on TikTok shared that they had been seeing the man on dating apps.

This made Emma realize that she deserved so much better. A lot of netizens agreed to this and cheered her up through their uplifting comments.

‘You deserve so much better, and it gets better, I promise – my ex moved in with a new girl a month after we broke up. It hurt a lot but I’m okay now,” one netizen wrote.

Another one said Emma should thank her ex-boyfriend for the breakup and that it happened before their holiday. Otherwise, it would be worse and harder to move on.

All the positive comments filled Emma’s heart and helped her focus more on herself and her family. She was so happy to have a chance to spend quality time with her dad in her favorite destination.

She also shared a message from her dad in acknowledgment of her viral post through a clip of her dad giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek with the caption “Domenico says thank you for all the kind words!”

Watch Emma’s viral video here:

@emmadipalmaa Love you dad🥹🥲🥹💙 #dad #eurotrip #portugal #breakup ♬ sonido original – Jk_jk1100

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.