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Little boy with cerebral palsy takes Halloween to the next level with ‘Up’ costume

A young boy with cerebral palsy just gave the world an early Halloween treat with his amazing costume!

There are a few holidays and events that make kids all aglow with excitement with the thought of fantastic treats and presents. Of course there are birthdays, with all the attention, gifts, and hoopla focused solely on the celebrant. And then there is Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and definitely Halloween!

The mere idea of the endless stream of candy and the costume preparation is enough to give anyone a sugar rush. This year’s Halloween, however, is going to be extra special for a little boy with cerebral palsy, as he unmistakably, and adorably, matches a character in the famous cartoon movie “Up.”

Brantley Morse of northeast Ohio is preparing for his first Halloween. He also happens to be a two-year old boy with cerebral palsy. He uses a walker to move around because of his condition, and this made his mother, Brittany, think of a costume that would integrate his medical equipment.

After much thought and deliberation, she had the bright idea of dressing up Brantley to look like Carl Fredricksen, the lonely, and slightly grumpy, elderly gentleman in the animated Pixar movie “Up.”

With Brantley in full costume, Brittany said, “Brantley is just over here making the absolute BEST out of having a disability, and rocking his medical equipment with his awesome halloween costume.” With balloons tied to his walker, a bowtie on his shirt, and his own glasses, Brantley instantly became the recognizable elderly cartoon character from the hit movie.

Brittany added, “We wanted to spread hope and positivity to everyone. Brantley seems to love wearing the costume. He smiles all day.” Brantley hasn’t seen the movie yet, so his mother plans to watch the movie with him so he can see where the inspiration for his costume came from.

Born premature at 24 weeks weighing 1 pound and 11 ounces, Brantley is developmentally delayed mentally and physically. He had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit at Akron Children’s Hospital for nine months, and now has to deal with a number of chronic medical conditions.

Born with cerebral palsy, the young child also contends with the challenges of having stage 3 kidney disease, chronic lung disease, and gastroparesis, a disease in which the stomach cannot normally empty itself of food.

According to Brittany, “He has had 10 surgeries so far. And although he struggles, he always is able to put a smile on his face and others.” Brantley has also had to ensure countless ER visits and long stays in intensive care in addition to the surgeries.

The family continues to persevere in their care for Brantley. His father, Steve, works countless hours so that Brittany can care for her son 24/7, and be a “stay-at-hospital mom,” as she calls it. Brantley has two older siblings with another coming soon, since Brittany is due to give birth to a baby girl in November.

Brantley tried out the charming and uplifting costume at a local fall festival, and is looking forward to wearing it for trick or treating on Halloween. Brantley’s costume mirrors efforts of other moms who have thought of ways to integrate their children’s conditions in costumes so that the kids can still take part in the fun of Halloween despite their medical difficulties.

The amazing ‘Up’ outfit is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. But seeing a boy with cerebral palsy thoroughly enjoy the costume and all the festivities of Halloween just might bring you to tears.

As Brittany said, “You would never know this sweet boy has a list of chronic medical conditions, with that contagious smile that’s always on his face! Hoping to spread some positivity to everyone, especially those struggling – if this little dude can smile, so can you!”

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