Local police officer bonds with 6-year-old boy born with no arms who dreams of becoming a cop

6-year-old Harrison Humphries dreams of becoming a detective or a police chief. Luckily for him, he’s found the perfect mentor in a local police officer.

As young as he is, Harrison already knows what he wants to do in life, thanks in part to the friendship he has formed with Officer Rolf Seiferheld of Duluth, Iowa.

The boy was born without arms, but his disability doesn’t stop him from living a normal life and dreaming big.

Officer Rolf Seiferheld and Harrison Humphries talking to each other

“Harrison was born without arms, and the absence of leg bones, so his hips, fibulas, and femurs,” his mother, Tara Humphries, said.

His parents were told that Harrison wouldn’t be able to walk, feed himself, and do anything, but this brave lad defied the odds. He uses his feet to do everything, including dressing himself, brushing his teeth, and fixing his hair.

Harrison and Seiferheld first met while the latter was out on patrol in Duluth a few months ago. The boy started a conversation with the veteran cop and told him that he wants to be a police officer someday, too.

Harrison Humphries painting a tiny dog statue with his foot

Tara appreciates that Seiferheld never treated her son differently. He interacted with him just like he would any other child, and that’s not something she sees very often.

“Not many people will take the time or sometimes they’re scared,” she said.

Now, the pair have established a routine. Every Friday night, Harrison joins his mentor on patrol, and the duo said it’s what they look forward to every week.

Seiferheld shows the curious boy his tools and lets him sit behind the wheel of his police car. Harrison helps him out as well by making sure that his equipment is in good shape.

Harrison really feels that he is Seiferheld’s partner, and the latter continues to encourage his dream of going into law enforcement.

It’s no wonder they clicked because Harrison and the kind cop share the same philosophy regarding police work.

Harrison Humphries checking out Officer Seiferheld's equipment

Harrison said he wants to be a police officer to “help people get better.”

And Seiferheld agrees. He said: “Be kind, and treat people how you want to be treated. Show them the respect they deserve.”

In May, a bystander spotted the pair having a conversation and snapped a picture of them. The Duluth Police Department shared the photo on their Facebook page:

“Someone attending last week’s Food Truck Friday event in Downtown Duluth witnessed our very own Officer Seiferheld taking a moment to speak to this little guy,” they wrote. “He was super excited as they spoke about his toy trucks and wanted to see Officer Seiferheld’s patrol car!”

The police department said that moments like these reveal the “true colors” of their law enforcement officers.

Officer Rolf Seiferheld and Harrison Humphries in the cop's patrol car

Tara commented on the post and thanked Seiferheld for taking the time to answer “ALL of my boys’ questions the past few Fridays!”

“Your compassion and kindness is genuine, very much appreciated and does not go unnoticed,” she continued. “Duluth is very lucky to have you, but I’m sure they know that already! My boys look forward to Fridays now just so they can see you! Harrison especially because he has so much respect and admiration for you all.”

With Seiferheld’s help, Tara is confident that Harrison will accomplish his goal of becoming a cop like his mentor.

“I think this is a relationship that can continue to grow, a partnership, which is what a community should be,” she said.

Harrison is fortunate to have a great role model who has his back. Watch the video below to learn more about his wonderful partnership with Officer Seiferheld.

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