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A child with autism tries to blow stranger’s birthday cake, the celebrant happily lets her do the honors

An adorable child with autism tried to blow out a stranger’s birthday cake. Instead of getting angry or disappointed, the man wholeheartedly let the child do it for him. This warm gesture was caught in a video, which quickly went viral online.

On April 12, Twitter user Good News Correspondent posted a video of the incident with a caption that says, “young girl with autism blows out a stranger’s birthday candles and the boy couldn’t be sweeter about it.”

In the video, the celebrant can be seen having a great time celebrating his birthday at a restaurant.

Man happily celebrates 29th birthday.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, the little girl next to their table heard people singing “happy birthday.” This made her come to the birthday celebrant’s table and started clapping. With all innocence and curiosity, she tried to blow out the man’s birthday candles.

Seeing what her daughter did, the child’s father stopped her and tried to take her away from the other table. However, the birthday celebrant told him it was okay and asked him to let her do it. The man let the child do the honors of blowing the birthday cake, where the video ended.

The man’s sweet smile shows his sincerity and adoration for the child with autism. It was his special day but he gave way to the little girl and made her happy.

The father looking for her daughter who joined the birthday party.

Source: Twitter

His simple yet warm gesture surely made a difference to the child and her family while the girl’s cuteness and innocence made his birthday even more special.

The adorable video quickly went viral and captured the hearts of netizens, garnering over 168,000 views. A lot of people were touched by the man’s sweet gesture and found the little girl really endearing.

One of the commenters wrote on Twitter, “What a generous guy and an adorable little girl.” Another netizen was so touched by the short yet beautiful video clip.

He wrote, “There is a whole lot of loving wisdom in these two beautiful  people’s collaboration on the moment they share.” Some sent their birthday wishes to the man, saying kind people deserve the best.

Child with autism comes to blow stranger's birthday cake

Source: Twitter

Parents who have seen the video were also thankful for the man’s action. One mother wrote, “As a mom I have to say Thank God for people like this young man. Others have to deal with strangers telling us that autism is not an excuse and verbally attacking us.”

Another user had the same sentiment about autism. “Sweet. And respect for Papa trying to do his best. Our special needs kiddos are not always received positively or given much grace from strangers when they have impulsive, compulsive, sensory seeking moments,” she wrote.

Child with autism claps her hand after hearing happy birthday song.

Source: Twitter

On the one hand, one netizen had great advice for everyone: “If you can be anything, be nice.” This was exactly what the birthday boy did as he showed his sincerity and kindness towards the child with autism.

Not everyone has a big heart and patience for kids and to give way for them is such a warm and remarkable gesture.

Child with autism blows out stranger's birthday candles

Source: Twitter

Some people react negatively to children with autism,  but luckily there are also people who understand their behaviors. Here are two short anecdotes about such kindness:

One of these is a runner who came across a child with autism while he was training for a race. The child was having a meltdown, lying face down on the ground. The man stopped to ask the child’s mother if everything was okay. Soon, the man did something that the mother did not expect: he lay down with her child and talked to him.

Man showing boy how video editing works.

Source: CBS

Another man with a big heart helped a teen with autism who was bullied and beaten up for popping chewing gum all over his face. When reporter David Begnaud found out about the incident, he looked for video companies to make the teen feel special.

He worked with Six Foot Studios to surprise the teen with an up-close look at how video games are made. The strangers’ gesture made the teen really happy and had his faith in humanity restored.

If you want to see the heartwarming encounter of the autistic girl blowing the birthday cake candles, see video below:

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