Baby koala is in the process of incredible recovery, thanks to the dog who saved him

A koala joey is now in the process of recovery in a Koala Hospital, thanks to the dog who saved him amid the raging bushfires in Australia.


The relentless blazes have been burning the region’s forests since September, destroying thousands of homes and leaving more than 7.3 million hectares of woodlands scorched.

We sit in our homes feeling helpless as we hear devastating updates about the loss of wildlife in the country. It’s heart-wrenching to know that over a billion wildlife have been killed in the bushfires. Despite being in the middle of a horrible disaster, Australians exhibit resilience and continue to remain hopeful.


The Koala Hospital Port Macquarie in New South Wales brings a story of hope about a koala joey and a dog. The tiny marsupial only weighed 275g when he was rescued in September by a pup named Keli. In honor of the pooch who saved him, the baby koala was named after his savior.

The majority of Keli’s fur was gone due to a severe fungal infection. The rescue’s theory is that his mother was also ill, or removed him from her pouch because of the infection. Despite his poor condition, the Koala Hospital is positive that it will improve in no time.

“It will be a long process, and we are confident that he will develop into a healthy koala before release into the wild,” the facility wrote on Facebook.


True enough, Keli is now recovering fantastically under the loving care of the hospital staff. On January 2, they posted an update about the koala joey, saying that his health has improved. His weight has gone up to 1kg and most of his infection is gone. His fur is also beginning to grow back.

When he reaches 2.5kg, he will be released back into the wild once the weather becomes cooler. But for now, he will remain under the guidance of the staff. The hospital shared his story in hopes that it will serve as a picture of hope during these dark times.

“Just a brighter moment in all the tragedy in Australia at the moment we wanted to share something good,” they wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, here is a video of another koala with a happy ending to warm your heart!