Artist recreates her old artworks, gets surprised by how much her art has improved

A popular artist on Instagram, Zozo who created the Strawberrypuffcake Instagram account, designs polymer clay artworks. She is not only a gifted and creative artist, but a dedicated and passionate artist as well. Her relentless desire for improvement can be seen by how much her works of art have changed throughout the years!

As a believer of the old saying, ‘Practice makes perfect,’ Zozo shared that her creations were not done from magic, but out of practicing. “…It’s not important for how long you are working on something. I always remind people not to give up, I’m always saying it so you wouldn’t forget.”

To realize how great her progress is, Zozo decided to photograph her old creations next to her new ones. See the evolution of her beautiful works of art below!

[1] Her mouth-watering burger!

[2] Kiki from Little Twin Star sure did look more adorable! 

[3] The irresistbly cute peas in a pocket- now with facial expressions!  

[4] The Rilakuma bear wjpse shape became accurate!

[5] The Strawberry cake that would make you want a piece for yourself!

[6] The alien with a better UFO!

[7] The donut whose flavor and toppings drastically changed! 

[8] The cat that grew into a fabulous mer-cat! 

[9] The camera that will surely take beautiful photos!

[10] The translucent lemons! 

[11] The truly happier ice-cream pet!

[12] The Little Twin Star that had a total makeover!

[13] The toast and egg that would remind you to eat your breakfast!

[14] The piece of cake you would like to have a bite of!

[15] The donut that transformed into a pig!

[16] The puppy with a perkier ears and smaller eyes! 

[17] The evolution of the icicles! 

[18] The milktea that will quench your thirst!

[19] The fabulous and luminous pig! 

[20] The rounder but still glamorous and beautiful unicorn! 

Truly, in chasing our dreams and success, we should remember not to look and compare our life with others. Instead, it is better to compete with our old self to challenge ourselves to always seek improvement and development. Enhancing our skills and learning does not stop, and should not stop, after all, there is always a room for improvement!

Do you have a craft that you enjoy doing? If yes, try to do a before and after version of your craft as well, show and be proud of the continuous progress you are making!

More photos : strawberrypuffcake

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