How an artist used Google Earth to spell ‘Marry Me’ and drew a record-setting wedding proposal

Japanese man, Yasushi “Yassan” Takahashi known for his GPS art proposed to his girlfriend by going on a six-month journey using Google Earth to track his route and spell out “Marry Me” with a heart over the country’s map. 

As part of the project, Takahashi began his journey in February 2017 and continued to travel around Japan until August, when he came back home and proposed to his girlfriend.

The entire journey took him nearly six months and covered more than 4,451 miles, but what is more impressive is that Takahashi pushed through his limits just to ensure his ultimate goal will be an unforgettable moment for his long-time partner.

Yassan with his longtime girlfriend.

Little did she know it would all be a big surprise that would leave her speechless!

Aside from proposing to his girlfriend, his other goal is to create the world’s biggest GPS art. The event also garnered him a Guinness World Book Record.

Moreover, the GPS art project was a way for Yassan to propose to his girlfriend Natsuki.The man who braved all kinds of weather conditions to propose to his girlfriend was rewarded with a yes.

Yassan is known for creating GPS art.

Many have admired Yassan’s love for his girlfriend and his unique way of proposing marriage. Not all of us would think of the same concept of the proposal (creating GPS art) to our beloved partners but what’s important at the end of the day is that we all deliver our best efforts and we are appreciated in the best way possible.

About Yassan

Yassan is a professional GPS artist. He has drawn more than 100000 kilometers in 24 countries. He has been drawing on high-accuracy GPS devices after his successful proposal to produce stunning artworks, including mountains and islands, countries, transportation routes and more. Yassan’s website states: “He is a professional GPS artist with more than 1400 artworks.”

Yassan travels around Japan to create a GPS art.

What is GPS Art and How do you make one?

There are many different apps that can be used for this type of art. One of the best known is Strava, which allows users to upload their GPS data and then create a route that they follow.

The app also allows users to see other users’ routes, so you can follow them around until you find the one that captures your imagination.

A sample photo of how a GPS art is done.

Google Maps has a similar feature called “route creation.” You can use it to create any kind of route you’d like, including long-distance walks or runs. You can even combine multiple routes together into one long walk or run if you wish!

Another great app for GPS art is TinyHiker. This app is capable of generating a path that goes through all kinds of terrain — from busy roads to fields full of obstacles like trees and rocks.

A bird made through GPS art.

You’ll also get points every time you complete an obstacle along your way — so keep on going until you complete all 10 obstacles!

GPS Art has become popular over the last couple years because of its ability to be easily shared on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where people can easily find it and view it in high resolution.

GPS art that says marry me.

Moreover, these routes are often built by experienced individuals who have spent hours planning out their own routes, but they can also be created by anyone with the right equipment and know-how.

If you want something truly unique and amazing then your best bet is to come up with your own ideas and see if anyone else shares them with you!

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