Apple engineer and supermodel hits back at trolls questioning her

Believe it or not, Lyndsey Scott works as a tutor on Apple’s iOS team, a software apple engineer who is proficient in a variety of languages, and on top of that, she is also a celebrated drop-dead gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. Seriously, is there something that this woman cannot do?!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No it’s Lyndsey Scott! They say that perfection does not exist, but with Lyndsey Scott’s impressive resume, she might be a woman close to perfection.

Apparently, Lyndsey is not only an experienced apple engineer, she is also gifted in educating misguided sexist trolls and bullies who had the audacity to question her credentials and qualifications.

An Instagram post headlined with, ‘This Victoria’s Secret model can program code in Python, C++, Java, MIPS, and Objective-C.’ earned the ire of some people and received overwhelming attack on a Reddit forum.

“Anyone can write code, not many people can write code well though. Languages are easy to learn, but scalable, readable, maintainable, efficient code is not.” One Reddit user commented, trying to explain how complex and difficult coding is as if the smart Victoria’s Secret model is not aware of it.

Apple engineer and supermodel.

Other Reddit users doubted Scott’s credibility and ability to program, some believes that she was merely using terminologies related to programming to make herself sound more intelligent than the rest of her colleagues.

One Reddit user even thought that perhaps, all Scott simply programmed is a project that sprouts the words, ‘Hello, world!’

Usually, Scott does not give these trolls the satisfaction of getting on her nerves. However, this time, Scott believes it is only right to educate these spiteful trolls and put them in their proper place. So to raise the banner for the women in the field of Science and Technology, Scott shut these trolls down.

“I have 27481 points on StackOverflow; I’m on the iOS tutorial team for; I’m the Lead iOS software engineer for @RallyBound, the 841st fastest growing company in the US according to @incmagazine, I have a Bachelor’s degree from Amherst where I double majored in computer science and theater, and I’m able to live my life doing everything I love. Looking at these comments I wonder why 41% of women in technical careers drop out because of a hostile work environment.”  #gofigure”

The inspiring Victoria’s Secret model and apple engineer wrote under the comment section of the Coding Engineer’s Instagram account.

Apple engineer and supermodel.

“I normally try to ignore negativity, but decided to jump into the comment section of this one. Not trying to brag lol, just stating facts in the hope I’ll convince at least one negative commenter that programmers can come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, etc. so they’ll think twice before doubting other women and girls they encounter in tech.” Scott followed-up, this time, on her own Instagram account.

Scott also made her point and shared an inspiring message on her Twitter account which received overwhelming support from other women in the Science and Technology field who could relate to her predicament. “Looking forward to the day when women in tech don’t have to go above and beyond to prove themselves.”


It’s already 2018, and women have been participating in the field of Science and Technology particularly in Computer Science since the famed Apollo Space Program. 

Instead of bringing each other down, let us encourage and support everyone in their dreams and aspirations. At the end of the day, the success of others is not your failure; the world will definitely be a better place if only we could learn to be happy for others!

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