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Sculptor creates unique tables made to look like animals are half submerged in water

If you’re looking to spruce up the ambiance of your living room, one of Derek Pearce’s mesmerizing “water tables” should do the trick.

Pearce is a person who wears many hats. He has worked in theater—both onstage and backstage—and has a wide breadth of experience as a performer, stage carpenter, musical director, lecturer, and teacher.

This man’s talent in various art forms is bursting at the seams, and although he is a jack of all trades, Pearce is probably best known for his stunning “water tables” sculptures.

These tables depict an illusion of animals plunging in and out of the water, hence, the name. The creature’s body serves as the base, while the half-inch thick tempered glass represents the water’s surface.

The body of water may come in the shape of a puddle or a perfect oval, and the floating animal may have a silky-smooth surface or a textured skin.

Pearce has been making these beautiful pieces since 1997, and he has since exhibited and sold these pieces of furniture across Europe, America, and Japan.

Whether the material is wood, resin, or bronze, Pearce’s water tables never fail to impress with their originality and beauty. They’re typically made to order, so aspiring owners may have to wait for up to three weeks before shipment.

The most famous piece from this collection is the hippopotamus table, which depicts the animal resting on its belly with the top of its head slightly popping up above the water.

As the hippo’s body is broad, so is the base of the table. This piece—and the tables featuring otters, seals, frogs, and dolphins—will surely add charm and elegance into a dull living room.

“I usually work in a very sculptural way, often without any drawing,” Pearce wrote on his website. “This allows me to be more sensitive to the materials that I am working with. There may be a sketch or a model to show the client, although based on my previous work and reputation, clients are often happy to join in the risk to see how ideas turn out.”

With all the artistry and work that goes into each piece, these tables definitely won’t come cheap. For example, the hippopotamus table pictured below costs $6,504.

Despite the steep price tag, these pieces of furniture surely make for a worthy investment, especially if you’re a lover of art and animals.

These functional art pieces can also be great conversation starters. Their intriguing appearance will trigger anyone’s curiosity and make them wonder about the story and the person behind the sculptures.

And for us regular folk who can’t afford one of these water tables just yet, let’s take a moment to enjoy his clever designs in the gallery below.

If you would like to order one of these spectacular water tables, you may visit the Water Tables website.

Aside from the water tables, Pearce has expanded his works to include natural mirrors, bookcases, eco-cabins, desks, cupboards, and many more. You may view all his collections on the David Pearce website.

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