AGT contestant wows judges with his angelic male and female singing voice

“America’s Got Talent” judges were wowed by this singer’s flawless rendition of “The Prayer” as he nailed both the song’s male and female parts!

Marcelito Pomoy started with Celine Dion’s part in the song, instantly captivating the audience with his angelic female voice. But it’s when he began singing Andrea Bocelli’s part that the people in the auditorium erupted in thunderous cheers and applause!


Based on their reactions, Marcelito’s smooth transition from female to male singing voice was something that the crowd clearly didn’t expect.

The singer received a standing ovation from the show’s judges – Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Alesha Dixon, and Heidi Klum – and the audience as he finished his number. He earned nothing but praises for his brilliant performance.

“That was so unique, you are a beautiful, wonderful singer with a young woman trapped inside of you,” Howie Mandel said.


Alesha Dixon and Heidi Klum also gave Marcelito glowing comments for his beautiful rendition.

“I want to see something unique, something different, and Marcelito, you gave that to us. It was absolutely brilliant,” said Alesha.

“Honestly, this is one of the craziest things I ever heard in my entire life. Your voice, your range, your sound is just so out of this world,” Heidi said.


After his performance, Simon told the hopeful contestant: “That was what I call a 10, a simple as that. I have a feeling that the super fans will put you through to the next round.”

And true enough, they did!

When it was announced that Marcelito will advance to the semifinal round of the competition, the judges and the audience gave the singer yet another standing ovation. It’s clear that everyone in the auditorium was impressed by his unique singing style.

It was through the votes of the “superfans” – fans who are from each of the states in the USA – that Marcelito earned his spot on the next stage of the competition. The “superfans” is a new element introduced for the show’s latest season – “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.”


For this season, past contestants, winners, and other notable entries from all the other “Got Talent” programs all over the world are set to compete against each other. Participants from the US, United Kingdom, Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Russia, Myanmar, Poland, and Norway were brought together for a chance to win a cash prize and the much-coveted title of America’s chosen “World Champion”.

The contestant who represented the Philippines for this week was Marcelito, who was declared the grand winner during the second season of “Pilipinas Got Talent” back in 2011.

Marcelito is known for his ability to sing both in tenor and soprano – a skill that not many singers have.

Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed by Marcelito’s unique talent!