An Insight To A Sensitive Person’s World

Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust your kindness. However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they will end the friendship. They live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. They are tortured souls that are not able to live with hatred or being hated. This type of person needs the most love anyone can give them because their soul has been constantly bruised by others. However, despite the tragedy of what they have to go through in life, they remain the most compassionate people worth knowing and the ones that often become activists for the broken-hearted, forgotten and the misunderstood. They are angels with broken wings that only fly when loved. — Shannon L. Alder

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23 thoughts on “An Insight To A Sensitive Person’s World”

  1. I’ve been through suffering right now a doubtful feeling to my partner. This passage enlighten me and try to over come. hope I can get through of this situation.

  2. This passage explains me totally. When I read it, I was amazed at how closely it explained my personality. As a man, overtly expressed sensitivity is viewed and interpreted differently by others. Some see it as an open viewing of the heart, and others view it simply as someone who can’t control their emotions. What the passage didn’t say is that sensitive people are susceptible to being taken advantage of. “We would do anything for anyone if we feel they are sincere and need our help!” We tend to want to turn frowns into smiles. Being taken advantage of, when you find out that is what is going on hurts! We feel at that point, How can I “trust” what this person says. In my opinion, damaged trust is the most important aspect of a sensitive person’s personality. This causes a sense of being alone, which is what we don’t want.

  3. Yes it is indeed very true. But the fact is nobody cares about us. Until and unless people don’t see that we can’t be like them we will remain the angels with the broken wings.

  4. The words are so true as it explains myself all along the paragraph…… but as Ms. Mary said above I donot consider myself as an angel with broken wings…. with my spirituality i make myself understand and pray

  5. I am a HSP and I love my sensitivity. I have been very, very hurt in the past, but I do not consider myself an “angel with broken wings.” My physical, spiritual, emotional, and social wellbeing depends on my release of guilt and the idea that I am a victim. I expand my personal power of action and use the serenity prayer to determine how I approach the world, others, and myself. I seek out ways to understand what is going on in and around me in terms of the larger contexts of life. I have evolved into a person who values acceptance of all things, has compassion for herself and others, and rejects coping strategies that emphasize the need to be saved from the perceived burdens of life as a sensitive human being. This alone gives me peace.

  6. Written in song by Dolly Parton: “She’s An Eagle When She Flies”. We learn daily from words, music, and lives that touch ours.

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