A California couple ‘adopted’ a 93-year-old veteran after his town burned to the ground

The recent devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California left the 27,000 residents in turmoil, 58 people were dead and 500 homes were burned down. Many of the residents are retirees including Lee Brundige, a 93-year old World War II veteran.

Brundige was living alone in his home when the fire broke out. He saved his life from the forthcoming blaze by driving to the parking lot in the nearby town. The parking lot was a refuge for other residents in Paradise. There he met Tracy Grant and Josh Fox, a sweet couple who were helping out by giving burgers to the residents.

Touched by the situation of the old man, Grant asked him if he had a place to stay. The independent Brundige told them he was technically homeless at that point but he could sleep in his car. Grant invited him to stay in their home for a while.

The independent old man refused because he did not want to be a burden to the couple. Worried about his situation, Grant gave him pillows and blankets, and even accompanied him in the car until midnight. She learned that Burndige was living alone in his home in Paradise. Only when Brundige’s gardener knocked on his window to wake him up that he learned that the fire was approaching.

This time Grant insisted he comes with her, and it took the couple 24 hours to convince him. The next day, the smoke was approaching the parking lot. The sheriff ordered the evacuees to leave the area. It left Brundige no choice but to come with the “burger girl” as how he called Grant.

Now, Brundige is living comfortably with the couple and their two dogs. Grant made sure that he got everything he needs, and he was grateful for the couple’s kind hearts. She reassured the war veteran that he can stay as long as he needs to. Grant is positive that the houses and the area in the Camp Fire will not be livable for a while. Even if his house is not burned down, it will not have utilities.

Grant contacted Brundige’s son and told him that his dad is in a safe place. The couple further learned that Brundige has many friends and his community loves him.

During the harrowing events like the Camp Fire, many people feel that it is the end of the world. But, kindhearted people like Tracy Grant and Josh Fox make it less devastating. The world needs more people like them.

This kind of heartwarming story is proof that kindness in human still happen. Would you do the same if you were Grant?

Watch the heart-warming story of the couple who ‘adopted’ 93-year-old war veteran Lee Brundige in the video below.

Photos via Tracy Grant | Video by Inside Edition

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