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lani uy

Wednesday 9th of May 2012

I love it

vguevara (I do not wish to publish my name)

Monday 7th of May 2012

my father did not send me to high school because he said that I am not very clever and I am going to get married and raise my family anyway so he says 'why dont you just go to dressmaking school?' I felt bitter and went to find a job whilst he supported all my sisters till they've all graduated in college as a school teacher. From canteen assistant to American family maid, I joggled between different jobs to support myself to finish high school. There is no nurture, support financially and emotionally but i managed to get my basic education. Then I asked father to help me with my agent fee to get a job in London as a mother's help or housemaid. He says 'oh, i am not going to gamble P1,250.00 pesos for your agent's fee . Who knows when you get there there's no job? I was disappointed obviously but still determined to go to London. I asked my mother ( is my father's other woman) to pawn her piece of land to get my fee. She did. I paid her back a million times over, helped her siblings, brought my sister over here, brought my mother over as well, learned the basic GCSE English, got married had two boys, divorced the useless husband and worked whilst I raised my two sons. Got a mortgage, managed to keep with my monthly payment by living a 'simple basic life'. Got my two boys get their education in public school until they got their degrees, supported them ALL BY MYSELF. I am now 62, on pension, with a part time job and still have a little mortgage left to pay.

The sisters my father supported till they finished college: two married a typical womaniser, wife beater, gambler till they both died of collapsed lungs leaving 5 children each. Another two sisters were lucky to get to U.S.A. One married a drug addict who never worked until now, and the other also got her husband from Philippines over to join her but left her when he got his green card.

I may not have had the education they had but I dont think I envy their lives. Thank God I am still on my own two feet and I dont owe anyone anything apart from my mortgage.

I think their refusal to support me have driven me to get where i am now. I am not rich but I am not poor either. If I did not leave Philippines I would probably have had ten children with a drunken womanising wife beater husband, homeless and have to scour round the field looking for a grain of food to cook every day.

Even my sister and mother. They are happy and contented with their lives now in England. But they keep their distance. They are wondering how I have managed. Simple; work, live a humble life, no holidays, no parties, no vices, just simple basic needs.

Now I can walk with my head up because I dont owe anyone anything!


Wednesday 9th of May 2012



Monday 7th of May 2012

Take it or you drop it.


Sunday 6th of May 2012


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